How To Make Learning Basic Elementary Math Easier

Math is both an important and a very interesting subject. However, not many kids enjoy it and plenty find learning math boring. This is mainly due to the difficulty in teaching elementary math concepts, which requires good understanding and a lot of practice. This maybe something kids find daunting and frustrating, which is why a number of kids find it dull, tedious and something that requires a lot of work and effort. This should not be the case, however, once you know the ways on how to make learning math easier for kids. Below are some examples on how to add some zest and put some life into teaching elementary math concepts to kids.

Relevant Counting. Instead of using books, paper and pictures as reference for counting, it is better to give kids something tangible which they can count; something relevant in real life. They can be given pieces of pasta or cereal rings to count. Food that they enjoy can also be used as examples for counting such as marshmallows, m & m’s and even healthy food can be introduced in this activity such as carrots or celery sticks. This helps in making learning more interesting and applicable.

Real Money. A good way of teaching kids how to learn the value of money is to use real paper money or coins. Although play money and cut-outs made of cardboard can be used, kids become more interested in learning the concept using real money. This can even be reinforced with an activity that will allow them to apply what they learn such as you accompanying them in going to the store to buy something using real money. You can play store this way. Have the child act as either the cashier or the customer. A cash register can also be included in this activity to make it more interesting. The activity likewise provides an opportunity to work on some skill around adding and subtracting money.

Treasure Hunts
. A game of treasure hunt is a good way of teaching kids basic mathematical operation. You can prepare a map which will task the kid to move from one point to another and will eventually lead them to the treasure. Each point can represent a math problem which the kid needs to solve. The treasure can be any kind of reward that you can give to the kid such as a cartoon to watch or getting to pick what the family will be having for dinner or lunch.

Sports. A sport is something which a lot of kids find interesting. It is also a good way of incorporating play with learning. This can also pose as a good reward for the effort in solving a math problem correctly.

A good way of making Math fun to learn for kids is really through games and activities which are interactive. These activities present a good opportunity for kids to play, enjoy and learn at the same time. What is also important is the fact that you as the teacher, are engaged too in the process and show that you are there to have fun, support and help them out throughout the process.


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