How To Make Math Fun for Kids

There are times when kids will have difficulty in dealing with Math. One of the best ways to help your kids learn math easily is by making the topics more fun and interesting. Here are some ways to make math fun for kids.

Go on a hunt. Kids love to go hunting, whether it is a scavenger or a treasure hunt. This is a fun concept, which you can incorporate alongside with the kids’ math activities. There are a number of ways to how you can work through a hunt. One way is to create a map to the treasure. This is what you will use to start off the activity. One point in the activity leads to another and eventually finding the treasure. A Math operation or activity can be assigned for each point that your kid will be tasked to solve. Solving the math problem will allow them to move from one point on the map to another. The final point to solve will earn them the treasure. Another option to work on is to go scavenging. The kids can be given an initial problem to work on and getting the right answer will lead them to another stop where another problem needs to be answered. Math problems can be placed in the house and backyard from them to find an answer. The end of the scavenge will likewise lead them to where the treasure it. It will be up to you to identify what the treasure or the price will be. They can be just about anything that will reward the kids for the good work and can continue to motivate them. Some examples are getting to chose where the family will go to on their day out together, making the food selection for lunch, or getting to watch a favorite cartoon program.

Using real money. Part of learning math is to become familiar with money and understanding how to add or subtract amounts. Instead of using make do paper to practice money value, it would be a better suggestion to practice using real money. Kids get a better appreciation of what it looks and getting engaged into simulations that allows them to handle money. A good reinforcement to this is to get into a role play where the kid may act as either the customer or the storeowner. They can act like they are buying something or giving change. There are a lot of scenarios that may apply to this setting such as a clothes store, a grocery or even a fast food place. Having a toy cashier even adds to experience!

Math and shopping
. Another way to make math more interesting is to incorporate it in an activity that has practical application. A good activity for the child to practice basic operations such as addition and subtraction is in shopping or going to the grocery. Parents and guardians can have their kids add items as they are placed in the cart. It is also a good way to practice subtraction whenever there are items that need to be put back from the cart to shelf.

Math is a subject that requires the mastery of certain concepts and the ability to practice various mathematical operations. Reinforcement of math learning through fun games will help children to master and better appreciate the different mathematical operations.


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