How To Make Your Own Class Ring Online

Graduating from high school or college is really an achievement so it’s just normal that you would love to have your own class ring in remembrance of this. It is a good way of expressing this achievement while honoring the school where you came from. You can purchase your own class ring online and even design it by yourself in making your order. These are the ways to do it.

  • Search online. First thing that you will have to do is to find a website that provides this kind of service. Then look for the menu that allows you to create and design the ring that you want to have. There are several top companies online that you can interact with. You can make your own survey on which among them can give you exactly what you wanted.
  • Choose your desired ring. Some websites will ask you to log in first, so you must sign up to their website to be able for you to order the ring. Once you found the right tab in customizing your own ring, you may have to pick for the ring you chose. Then pick the right ring for gender. You must also choose which one you need like if it’s for high school class ring or college professional ring.
  • Choose a design. There are a variety of designs available for you to choose from. Pick for the one that attracts you or fits your personality. Make sure that the website you pick provides the right item you need. Find the menu that provides the option that allows you to design the ring. It will show the type of rings available. Choose on which material you want for it like silver, platinum and gold. Pick the one you want. They usually have options for modern, classic and traditional designs.
  • Choose the stones and letters. Now it’s time to pick the stone to put on the ring. Pick the size and color you want for it. Click on the tab that allows you to choose the variety of stones available. You can also pick for your birthstone if you want to have the significance on yourself or choose your school color if you want. Then start selecting for the word you will indicate in your ring surrounding the stone. There are three words that you can usually choose from: God, Wisdom and Family. Then pick for the type of letter you would want to consist in the word.
  • Give your personal information. Providing the accurate information for your ring is important. Remember that the information that you indicate would be the exact information that will appear on your ring. So be careful when filling your personal information for the ring. Go to the next page that provides the option to fill out your personal information that will be indicated on the ring. Type in your school name and year graduated. It is also important to indicate your ring size.
  • Provide some more added details. Now you’re almost done. You will have to pick for the designs on the side of the ring to finish it. Most students want to engrave their hobbies in the interior of the ring or their own name. You can also consider the school year you’ve graduated. Then type the words that you finally decide to put on it. And you’re done. Then do your payments through credit cards or any way that the website requires.

Having your own class ring will be a good remembrance of all your hard work while you’re studying. It’s all right to spend a little bit in purchasing your own class ring. You can even make the design and use it for the whole class so you have identical design along with your school batch.


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