How To Multiply and Divide Algebraic Fractions

Math is one of the most important things you could learn and use in your daily life. In almost anything that you do, there is usually a little math involved. Unfortunately, not many people like math. There are some who find it to difficult that they lose hope in learning math.

To many people, algebra is one of the most difficult kinds of math. They have a hard time figuring out especially when it comes to multiplying or dividing the algebraic solutions. But what many people do not know is that multiplying or dividing algebraic solutions can be easy.

You can easily solve these kinds of problems by simply learning the basics or the rules for multiplying or dividing algebraic solutions. These rules will serve as your guide in solving these algebraic solutions.

Multiplying Algebraic Solutions

When multiplying algebraic solutions, you have to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of multiplying algebraic solutions. These will help you solve or simplify the algebraic solution.

Multiply the numerator and the denominators. Just like in arithmetic, multiply the numerator with the other numerators and multiply the denominators with the other denominators. If one of the elements does not have a denominator, use one as a denominator for that element.

          *  =    ;  a *     *   =  

Cancel out any common numerator and denominator. If there are numerators and denominators that are common with each other, cancel them out to simplify the equation.

          *   *   =  

Simplify algebraic solutions. When the numbers in the numerator and denominators are too big, you can always reduce these numbers to their lowest terms. This will make it easier for you to multiply the elements in your algebraic solution.

          *     *   =  

Factor your solutions. For algebraic solutions that use exponents, it is best to factor them out to simplify the algebraic solution. It will be easier for you to solve the solutions when you have factored your algebraic solutions. You can cancel out elements that are the same to simplify the solution.

          *     *   =  
    **the element (a-5) in the numerator and denominator are cancelled out to simplify the solution.

Dividing algebraic solutions

Once you’ve mastered multiplying algebraic solutions, dividing algebraic solutions will be a breeze. For dividing algebraic solutions, you simply have to invert the second term of the solution and change the sign to multiplication. Then follow the rules of multiplying algebraic solutions to get your final answer.

             *  =

For both multiplication and division, always remember to reduce your answers to their lowest terms to make the algebraic solution simpler. Once it is in its simplest form that would be your final answer.

Algebra can be easy as long as you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of algebra. These rules will cover everything that you’ll need to multiply or divide your algebraic solutions. So if you want to solve algebraic solutions with ease, always keep in mind these multiplication and division algebra basics.


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