How To Organize a Scholarship Application

Schooling is becoming more and more expensive these days, and for many people, getting into a college or pursuing post graduate studies is almost impossible because of financial constraints. Get a chance to study by filling out a scholarship application form for a scholarship that will help with the economic aspect of your schooling. Here’s how.

Presentation. You should make sure that your scholarship application is very presentable and readable. As much as possible, use a computer to type in all of the contents of the scholarship application, since this will be easier for you and will allow you to choose fonts that are easy to read. Make sure that you also follow the format for the scholarship application, since some applications have definite forms that you will need to fill out.

School activities. You will also need to list your school activities in the scholarship application form. The school activities should include all of the volunteer work, extracurricular activities, contests, and clubs that you have joined while you were in high school. Make sure that you take some time to think back on the school activities, since you do not want to skip on a few activities just because you were not able to remember it.

Community activities. The community activities you were involved in are also important, since this show that you are an active member of the community who can contribute to the growth of the community as well. These include the fund raising drives, the signature campaigns for a cause, and the other useful community activities that you have joined in. if you have helped out in a shelter, or for a relief program during a natural disaster, you can also indicate this in your scholarship application form. Make sure that you also indicate the hours that you have spent for the activities.

Honors and awards. Honors and awards should also be indicated. These include both the academic and non academic awards that you have gained during your high school, such as the academic excellence awards, awards for quiz bees that you have entered, and even sport awards that you have won. Make sure that you also organize the awards according to categories, such as academics, sports, music, et cetera.

Jobs. You should also include the jobs that you have taken during high school to support your schooling. These include the office jobs that you have taken, as well as jobs in the local grocery shop or coffee shop. This will give the funding institution an idea of how dedicated you are to work and how well you can support yourself in order to finish your schooling. You should also attach a list of people that the scholarship foundation can contact to verify the information that has been presented in the application.

Finally, attach a thank you note on the last page of the scholarship application is a great way for you to show the scholarship committee that you really appreciate the opportunity. Make sure, however, to keep the note short and honest, without appealing too much to emotions.


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