How To Organize Your Homework

No matter what school level you are in, being a student means that you are given homework or assignments by different professors and instructors, in each of the different subjects a student is simultaneously enrolled in. With a full academic load, a student can easily find his homework piling up faster than he can manage. To help you effectively finish your homework, you need a good homework organizing strategy to help you sort your assignments by date, difficulty, and subject. Here are ways to organize your homework.

  1. Use office materials. You can organize your homework by assigning them with different colors of inexpensive office or school materials like colored highlighters, colored stickers, flags or labels, sticky notes and folders. Assign a color for a specific subject or course. When you have to do homework, simply put a colored label or sticker on your notebooks. Remember to include the deadline for the assignments. Through this, you can easily identify which subject you should prioritize and which deadlines are looming closer and closer.
  2. Computer. You can create a simple work-plan in user friendly computer applications such as MS Word and MS Excel. Make a simple table with four columns. In the first column, write the courses where you are enrolled. The second column can be labeled as ‘Assignments.’ This is where you will place the topics of each assignment, as well as the various instructions for accomplishing them. The third column will contain the deadlines, which will help you to schedule which assignments to do first. The fourth column can be labeled with ‘Status,’ which you will use to determine which assignments you have already finished. You can also add comments and remarks about the assignment in this column, or you can create a separate column.
  3. Old school approach. The important thing is to be able to finish your homework and submit them on time. You can use simpler ways of organizing your assignments, such as by using a piece of paper or a tickler notepad. Organize and jot down all incoming assignments in this notebook. Be sure that you check your notepad regularly so that you will be aware of any upcoming assignment deadlines. You can also use a large desktop calendar, where the assignments will be written in the dates in the calendar where the assignments are due.
  4. Post It. You can also use Post-Its to organize your homework. Assign a wall in front of your desk where you can place your Post-Its. Use a different color for each subject, to allow you to organize the assignments by subject. Make sure that you choose a clean and smooth wall for posting your reminders. A clean wall allows you to rearrange your reminders in chronological order, so that you can gauge how much time you have before the deadlines are up. As an alternative to the Post-It, you can also purchase a white board, where you can jot down reminders. The white board is easy to clean and can be used for a very long time.

No matter how much homework you get in school, a good organizing strategy will allow you to cope. These are the basics that you should try out. You can also combine the various steps, to allow you to create a more effective scheme that is tailored for your study habits.


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