How To Prepare for Quiz-Type Exams

If practice makes perfect performance, preparation for the exam makes a perfect score. So if you will be taking some quiz-type exams, you should be prepared. You need to store more knowledge for the test. Besides, the questions may be as tough as explaining the mechanisms of a car or may be as easy as naming a color. But no one knows exactly what to expect in a quiz. That is why preparation is the only key to ensure a perfect or at least a passing score.

The relationship of exam preparation to test result has been proven to be positive. Even your personal experiences might have already proven the truth of this relationship.

So, without further ado, here are some guidelines that can help you be prepared for any quiz-type exams:

  1. Listen - Intense studying of your notes will not be needed if you have listened to what your teachers were saying during the class. By understanding what they are teaching, you won't have a hard time taking a quiz, even without going through your notes again. Besides, everything that the teacher has taught is already in your head and won't be stolen.
  2. Review - If you are unfortunate enough not to have listened to your teacher while discussing, then reviewing might just save your quiz. Read about what will be covered in the quiz. Make sure that your reading is a comprehensive one. To make sure that you have learned something, recall what you have read either by mentally or vocally talking about it. When reviewing, make sure that you keep in mind some important facts like names, places and dates.
  3. Invite a study partner - Preparing for the quiz on your own can be effective but it becomes more effective if you have a partner. By having a partner, someone will review with you and you can also help someone review for the quiz. Ask your partner some questions or even make a quiz for him. Your partner must do the same to help you in reviewing.
  4. Group review - Do you have a group of friends who need help reviewing? Why don't you have an overnight group review? Just make sure that your overnight review will really be for studying. Be disciplined when doing this, especially when that many students are involved. They tend to deviate from their real purpose and instead just enjoy the company of the group. Stick to your plans and make sure that all of your friends will be serious when studying.
  5. Be physically prepared for the quiz - Instead of losing your energy and your concentration for the test because of staying up too late, it's better that you sleep early and then study early. Studying for an hour in the morning is helpful, especially because your brain can fully grasp information during this hour.

Serious studying coupled with determination to get a perfect score will help you pass the quiz. If you think that these tips are hard, then just be an easy-go-lucky brat and expect to fail your quiz. Remember, no one will help you pass the quiz but you. So, study, be prepared and be determined to pass the quiz.


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