How To Prepare for the CLEP Exam

The first thing one should do before studying for the CLEP exam is to review the exam description online or in the CLEP Official Study Guide. By studying this guide, you will find out how much you know about each topic and what studying you need to pursue before the exam. In addition, the Guide will also help you with terms, names and symbols that you may not be familiar with.

Begin to review and then answer the sample questions in the CLEP Official Study Guides. There is an answer key in the study guides that will help you decide how many correct answers you have. You can also take a practice exam. This exam is available from the College Board or in many of the CLEP test preparation books.

There are computer-based formats for the CLEP exams. Practice with some of them, for there are different types and categories of questions. By practicing, you will expand your knowledge base.

Be sure to study textbooks and other resources in your subject area. This added knowledge will help give you an edge when it comes time for the exam. Reading an actual college textbook will also give you a deeper insight into the subject.

In addition, check out your local college bookstore to see what books are being used for the courses you will be taking. The course syllabus can often be viewed on your college's website; this valued information can help you focus on core subjects.

Check out course materials and lectures online. Websites like the Online Education Database can be of great help.

Your local librarian can also help to locate study aids that will enhance your learning. Videos, DVDs, and such can offer a broader knowledge range on the desired subject.

Thinking back to how I studied for the CLEP exam, I spent at least three weeks preparing for it. The CLEP Official Study Guides and other sample textbooks at the library helped greatly. But, it was the constant practice and reviewing that gave me the confidence I needed before taking the exam.

I sometimes went over the study guides three or more times. It paid off; I did well on the exam and went on to receive a BA in Social Psychology and an MSA in Business from Capella with a 3.930 average.

There are benefits in studying for the CLEP. Those benefits are: possibly reducing college expenses (depending on how well you do on the exam), lightening your class load by obtaining credit for accumulated experience, receiving exemption from some basic courses, qualifying for more challenging classes sooner, and decreasing the time needed to complete your degree.

So, as you can see, there are many benefits in studying well for the CLEP!


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