How To Prepare to Teach Kindergarten

There are career paths that are bound to make you rich. There are, however, a few that may not promise a lucrative lifestyle but can be greatly fulfilling. Being a kindergarten teacher is one such career. Although it doesn’t promise you the world, this career helps you introduce kids to the world and the society they live in. Although it doesn’t give you riches, it gives you the avenue to enrich the kids’ minds and being. And although it doesn’t make you world-famous, it provides you the opportunity to mold kids who can potentially become future leaders and world changers. But in order to do all that, necessary preparations have to be made. So if you think you are called to teach kindergarten, here are the things you need to do.

  1. Get a teaching degree. Educational qualifications vary from state to state. Some may require you to only obtain a two-year associate degree; others, however, require bachelor’s degree. Generally, though, most schools hire applicants with bachelor’s degree, such as degree in Early Childhood Education. A teaching degree will require you to take subjects like Child Development, Childhood Learning, Creativity and Arts, and Lesson Planning. It will also equip you with the appropriate teaching skills by requiring you to have an on-the-job training.
  2. Secure teaching license and certification. After obtaining your degree, you need to secure a license and other necessary certificates to make you qualified for teaching. Again, licensure and certification procedures vary from state to state, so it pays to know the system in your state.
  3. Start volunteering. Nothing prepares you better for the job than having a classroom teaching experience. Therefore, start to volunteer yourself to teach at daycare centers and Sunday schools. When you volunteer, you will be asked to do storytelling, facilitate games, and make crafts with the kids. Take this as an opportunity to hone your skills and widen your understanding of children.
  4. Surround yourself with kids. To become an effective kindergarten teacher, you have to be extra patient, compassionate, and understanding. Even if you already are, you will find yourself in situations where your character will be tested at great length. Therefore, to develop such characters, regularly surround yourself with kids. Learn how they interact and respond and find out how you can relate to them without being too rigid or too lax. Remember that when you become a kindergarten teacher, you should be authoritative and gentle at the same time.
  5. Improve your communication skills. Integral to becoming a kindergarten teacher is having excellent communication skills. When you can effectively communicate with the kids, you can mingle with them and impart knowledge much better. Keep in mind, though, that communication is a two-way thing. So learn to listen to the kids as well. 

Never stop learning. When you have already earned a degree or have already been teaching, make efforts to hone your craft. Read more books, learn contemporary teaching strategies, and attend seminars and symposia. Committing yourself to continuous learning is not only a reflection of your dedication, but is also a way of being a responsible kid-molder.


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