How To Prepare Your Child for Elementary School

Finally, your child has graduated from preschool and is now entering a bigger world--elementary school. Like your child, you are probably feeling emotions at the moment: excitement and fear. As a parent you must do everything you can to make sure that your child is ready for the first day of school.  Here are some things that you can do to prepare your child for elementary school.

Talk to your child about the first day of school. A few weeks before school starts, remind your child that he or she has to start elementary school soon. Observe whether your child is excited or apprehensive about it. If your child feels apprehensive, try your best to assuage his fears. It might help to tell your child good stories about your elementary days. You can also buy books about children on their first day of elementary school. The goal is to make your child feel that he or she is not going through it alone.

Create a buzz around the first day of school. A week or two before the first day of school, start a countdown. You can make a calendar and post it on your refrigerator door for your child to see. Include things that you need to do before the first day of school such as shop for school supplies, buy school clothes and shoes, and start reviewing lessons. Hopefully, these things will make your child feel excited about starting elementary school.

Impose a bedtime schedule. Most elementary kids have and early class schedule so it would be wise to start training your child to wake up early in the morning a few weeks before school starts. You can do this by imposing an early bedtime schedule and routine. In that routine, teach your child to prepare the things he or she will need in the morning such as clothes, shoes, and bags. This will make things easier for you once school starts.

Review lessons. There is no better way to prepare your child for elementary education than by reviewing the basics he learned while in preschool like reading, counting, writing, and simple arithmetic operations. Do the review a couple of weeks before the first day of school. By doing this, you are setting the mood for learning and your child will be ready to participate in class once school starts.

Plan a school day routine. Studies show that children who have routines do well in school. As early as a week before the first day of school, plan how a typical day in the life of your elementary student will work out. Does he or she have to study and do his or her assignments after coming home from school, or will he or she get to rest first? Allot time of recreational activities in that daily school day schedule. Involve your child in this planning process so he or she will feel more empowered and you'll get his or her cooperation easily.

Starting elementary school can be a scary prospect for any child. By following the steps outlined above, your child will be emotionally and psychologically prepared for the first day of elementary school. 


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