How To Select a Lunchbox

For many students, lunch is an overwhelmingly important moment in the school day. Though adults may not realize it, lunchtime is a main socializing time for children. Send your child to lunch in style in the perfect lunchbox, both trendy and functional. Here's how to select a lunchbox:

  1. Style - For most kids, style is the most important factor when selecting a new lunchbox. There are many different choices, from bright colors to popular TV or movie characters. As long as you find it an appropriate style, consider letting your child pick their own lunchbox theme. A lunch box with their favorite character will make lunchtime an enjoyable experience all year long.
  2. Durability - As a parent, you want a lunch box that won't need replacing mid-year. A thick plastic or rust-resistant metal lunchbox should stand up to any abuse your child may put it through. Avoid low-priced, thin plastic lunch boxes that will be destroyed before winter vacation. No matter how cool the lunchbox looks, you'll be frustrated if you have to replace it four times before the end of the year.
  3. Extra features - If your child takes a lot of cold, warm, or perishable items for lunch, consider a soft cloth insulated bag. The downside of this is that if the bag is squished, everything inside may get squished. If you select this type of lunchbox, everything inside should be kept in plastic storage containers or a Thermos, not plastic bags. Alternatively, you can use insulated containers inside a regular, non-insulated lunchbox.
  4. Size - Make sure to select a lunchbox that is large enough to hold the entire meal. This is especially important if your child frequently takes soups or loose liquids in a Thermos container, as this may not fit in all lunchbox styles. Consider the size of your child's regular lunch when selecting a lunchbox; some may be too small to fit the entire lunch inside without squishing anything.

Although the design of a lunchbox may not seem important to adults, it is often of paramount importance to kids. On the first day of school, many kids will compare lunch boxes to see who got the coolest one this year. Help your child enjoy lunch in style by choosing the perfect theme, but also make sure the lunchbox will last all year and provide enough space and features to keep the food protected until lunchtime.


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