How To Share Resources at Applebatch Teacher Community

An online professional teacher network was designed to help educators and make their lives easier.  Whether you are looking to meet other teachers, find helpful resources, or search teaching jobs, Applebatch teacher community can provide you with all these tools plus more.

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on 'Sign Up' in the middle of the homepage.
  3. Enter all your information and make sure to enter a valid email address.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation from Applebatch.
  5. Log in with your email address and newly created password to start using Applebatch for free.
  6. Click on 'Resource Center' for a list of categories. 
  7. Browse the categories and click on the one you want to obtain resources from.
  8. Choose the resource that you want to get more information on.
  9. Add the desired resource to your folder by clicking on 'Add to my Resources' at the bottom of the resource description.
  10. Save the resource to your desktop by clicking on 'Download to Computer.'
  11. Share your resources with other teachers and click on 'Share Resources' under the 'Resource Center' header.
  12. Fill out the file information and click 'Upload' to add your resource to the proper category.
  13. Enjoy exploring the rest of the tools that Applebatch has to offer. Thank you!



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