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You need extreme patience and dedication if you are a teacher for autistic children. It is challenging to teach autistic children because you need different strategies for every special child. And finding the proper therapy combination needs understanding, patience and willingness to improvise and sacrifice if your primary teaching techniques do not work. Below are tips and guides on how to teach autistic children.

  • Creative lesson plans. If you are a teacher, you can just innovate on what do you know and what lesson application that you already tried. You need to be creative and innovative in your lesson presentation to engage the kids. Understand that each special kid has his own unique ways of learning. The parents of the children must also be engaged. They must also identify and understand the teaching equipments, supplies, and methods that you give your students. Do not forget that most of autistic children learn visually, so use pictures and colors. Give specific handouts, and avoid wordy instructions as possible. Descriptive flash cards works well also, just have different sets of flash cards to entertain and to engage the kids better.
  • Autism teaching videos. There are autism instructional shows that you can find in DVDs and Internet videos that can guide you on how to teach autistic children. There are autism instructional videos that you can buy, and there are some that you can download for free. You can save those videos on your mobile phone or laptop so you can access it anytime and anywhere you need particular instructions.
  • Autistic reference books. There are lots of writings already regarding autism. Go to your local library and make continuous research. Remember that autism is complicated and is an ongoing challenge because every student means a different situation for you to handle. You can download PDF autism lesson files in the Internet.  Ask your fellow autism teachers for suggestions on where to buy autism reference books, and ask for good titles.
    • If you’re a busy individual, then opt for audio books for you can upload it to your MP3 or iPod player, and listen to it anytime and anywhere for ideas and inspiration. Search the Internet for your needed audio reference books for autism. Ask your colleagues for they might have audio materials. Ask them if they can burn or give you a copy for a small fee.
  • Autism teaching workshops. The benefit of workshop is not limited to the lessons that you will learn. The network of friends with similar interest that you will gather is of much importance. Ask your peers if they know future teaching workshops or you can search the Internet for autism teaching workshops in other places.
  • Testimonials. First hand experience is a best way to learn a lesson. Learn from parents, friends, or family members of an autistic person from the Internet. Hear or read their tutorials by entering forums and Internet based groups with similar interest. You can hear problems and suggestions, and analyze them and identify what will work best for your situation. You can also make friends with people with autistic relatives as a source of knowledge and information.

Teaching autistic children will become hard for you if you aren’t dedicated to it. Ask yourself sincerely if you can be dedicated because the children will become affected if your whole heart isn’t focused on helping them.


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