How To Teach Microsoft Word to Kids

Currently, the commonly used and most helpful word processor is Microsoft Word. With the rise in the innovation of technology and because almost everything is accomplished and done using the computer, chances are everyone will come across a document that it is created and can only function using a Microsoft Word.

Most businesses make use or Microsoft Word. College courses require projects and requirement that use Microsoft Word and other colleges require Microsoft Word as a part of their curriculum. Now even primary schools are beginning to include slots in Microsoft Word as a part of their classes.

Here are some simple tips on how to teach or orient kids in using Microsoft Word:

Start with the basics. Have the child open a Microsoft Word in the computer. Go to the "File" menu and click "New" to have a blank document. Show the child how to use and the basic know-how of the computer keyboard. Teach him how to acquire capital letters, and what to click to make a space. The proper positioning of the fingers may come when they are older and more able.

Show him how to use indentation by means of the Tab key. Start with the basic information and simple instructions, so as to avoid giving them too much information that may confuse them.

Let the child start off writing the document by writing a short story. About a half the page will do. Let him use the time he needs and entertain questions or queries that he may have. Most imaginative children will enjoy this. Right after the short story is finished, show the child how to save the story. Try encouraging him to write more stories and save the stories as much as possible so they do not lose the stories that they are working on.

When the document writing has been mastered, try showing the different format features of the fonts. Show him how to change the font type, size, color, and the highlight features.

There are many comical fonts both in Microsoft Word alone. Others can be downloaded in the Internet for free. Children will have an awesome time trying different fonts. This will keep them interested and amused, helping them learn in the process.

When the font format features have been taught, try teaching the child how to insert pictures into his documents. This will allow him to insert different pictures that will aid in the illustration of his new short stories. Just like how the font format features amuse the child this feature will also keep the child constantly interested.

Try accessing the Internet for more tips, tricks, and ideas online to keep the child from creating more projects with Microsoft Word. The more fun projects, the more the child will enjoy and learn in using Microsoft Word.

Before you know it, the child is an expert with the Microsoft Word. This project not only helps unleash the imagination within the child, but it also helps him become familiar with important things that he will use in the future. Giving kids the idea of what Microsoft Word is and getting them familiar with it starting at an early age will reward them in the future or even maybe sooner.


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