How To Teach Shape Sorting to Children with Autism

Autism is a highly variable neurological development disorder usually appearing during infancy or childhood without remission. Autism's symptoms usually arise at the age of six months developing more and more by ages two and three years. Autism cannot be distinguished by a single characteristic or symptom hence, a lot of signs and symptoms must be present to accurately diagnose it.

Autism victims usually are poor when it comes to social interactions. Children suffering from autism have social impairments, and usually have hardships on developing social relationships with other people.

They also exhibit repetitive behavior. They are categorized through different types of typical behaviors that you must note when you notice them. Here, you will learn to be able to teach shape sorting to children with autism. To start, you will need 2 sheets of paper, some flat plastic shapes and a marker.

First, trace an outline of a single shape in the center of each of your papers. Use both sides of the papers, front and backs. Draw 2 different shapes on both sides of both papers. You can choose circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. Make sure that you draw different kinds of shapes on each side.

Place the sheets of papers inside the sheet protectors, or laminate them for durability. This step is optional though.

Lay the two papers with shapes close to each other. Model the first response with various shapes.

Hand the child the few remaining shapes, one at a time so the learning will not be so strenuous for the child. Then ask him to single handedly "sort" these shapes. Watch for the response of the child. If he sorts out the wrong shape, gently guide his hand with what correct shape he should have chosen.

With each of the correct responses, whether it was a guided one or not, you must praise the child with specific friendly phrases like "good job!" "Nice work sorting shapes!" or "Great job sorting!" Then after that, little by little lessen the prompting and the assistance till he develops independence in sorting the shapes.

Children suffering from autism need much help from people around them. It must start from the parents themselves and to people around the child. They need sturdy guidance to help them adapt to the condition that they are in. It takes a lot of patience to deal with such a situation, but the results take away all the stress accumulated from it. It is a good feeling.


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