How To Use Interactive Teaching Resources

Interactive teaching is a type of instruction where the teachers actively involve students in the learning activities. The teachers adapt their methods depending on the needs of the students. Interactive teaching is a method that encourages the students to participate actively in every discussion. This learning process also uses a hands-on approach in teaching to each member of the class.

Interactive teaching offers opportunities for both teachers and students to learn at the same time. The students learn from their teacher, as well as their co-students, through the interactions they participate in. Teachers, on the other hand, learn from their students by analyzing how the students behave. They then adjust how they handle each type of interactive teaching session, resulting in more effective interactions.

The use of an interactive approach to learning starts with classroom development. This development comes in various forms, which shapes how the students set their goals. Here are the types of resources used in interactive teaching and how they are used.

  • Internet resources. The Internet nowadays plays a part in interactive teaching. With today’s technology, the use of mediums such as computers can motivate a student's desire to learn. The availability of the Internet opened opportunities for instructors to search for more resources that can help them with their teaching experience. A good example of an Internet resource is the electronic whiteboard. This engaging online method makes students more involved by allowing them participation in the discussion. It also offers an enjoyable experience for teachers.
  • Activities resources. Having the students participate using activities can stimulate interactive teaching. The use of activities can provide the students the opportunity to process what they are studying. There is also an increase in preserving what they have learned if they use it after each lesson. An example of an activity is group work. The application of the lessons from the group works increases the possibility of absorbing all of what is learned during the lesson. Another effective activity is brainstorming. This activity can spark the creative thinking of the class by allowing each student to share an idea that they have in mind.
  • School resources. Incorporating school facilities with interactive teaching enables the students to feel the need to learn. The concept of teaching can be a positive approach to learning if done in a classroom. This is because the classroom is the most conducive place to learn. Using school facilities like chalkboards and visual aids can effectively mimic a classroom feel.
  • Curriculum resources. Following a curriculum keeps the path of teaching in progression. Although interactive teaching uses a more radical approach to learning, it still needs to follow a sensible plan of study. Effective interactive teaching is done by sticking to a particular curriculum while incorporating all of the other resources.

Using interactive teaching is an effective way to allow students to learn while enjoying the school experience. With the application of all these resources, it can help develop a class wherein students can freely express themselves and learn at the same time.


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