How To Use Internet Teaching Resources

In the olden times, chalk and blackboard were the only means for teaching. Now with the advancement in technology, anything is possible even online learning. Since the youth today are adapting to the fast paced environment brought to us by technology, so too are the educational institutions. Teachers are now using the Internet as their major teaching resources. Educational institutions even include Internet teaching in the curriculum resources for the academic school year. The Internet is a good place for students to learn because it provides interactive teaching and learning that other school resources cannot provide.

Below are some useful Internet teaching resources and their benefits:

  1. Major search engines. Internet resources are popular among students and teachers as you can already find answers to your questions with just one click. Using different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, students find their way in getting the information they need. Search engines and different websites are very useful especially when doing researches since it can give you tons of sources you may need to finish your work. Its ability to respond fast is also a major advantage over going to the library and looking for the right books. However, one should be cautious in doing research on the Internet. Since anyone can contribute information, most websites provide inaccurate data or sometimes false information about the topic you are researching on. Nevertheless, the Internet is still one convenient way to find answers to your questions.
  2. Internet based software. Some schools make use of Internet based software in teaching their students. These learning software provide activities resources for students to have fun while learning their lessons. Most Internet based software are geared toward subjects like mathematics and science. They offer online lectures and activities. The activities are usually interactive fun. This enables students to expand their knowledge on the subject matter at the same time, enhancing their social skills. The software itself has instructions on how to install and how to use the program so teachers just have to read, understand, and follow directions.
  3. Group emails. This gives teachers an opportunity to monitor students even from home. By using group emails, teachers can give students additional work if they feel the necessity to do so. This advantage is mostly felt when there are no classes due to a holiday or emergencies. Students can easily pass their assignments on time to their teachers through email even if they cannot make it to school to meet a deadline. Teachers can communicate to students using email to give feedbacks on their work and they don’t even have to exert much effort in meeting personally to discuss the things they can talk about online.
  4. Forums. Lastly, teachers can now create forums online for the students to visit and have a discussion. It is also used for clarifying things about the lesson or assignments that weren’t properly explained in the classroom. This way, they can extend the learning hours provided in school.

Those were the different teaching resources provided on the Internet. It only goes to show that learning does not happen in a classroom setting alone. Anyone who has Internet connection can learn, discuss and research on different topics of interest. 


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