How To Use Kids' Magazines for Homeschooling

Parents who choose to homeschool their children are always looking for creative ways to teach their lessons. For some whose resources are not that vast, looking for affordable yet effective ways of catching their children's interest is always a challenge. It doesn't have to be expensive; anything can be an effective tool for teaching. Kids' magazines are among the resources you can use to homeschool your kids.

  • Choose magazines well. You must have an inkling of what the magazines contain. They should be appropriate for the age groups to which your children belong. They must also be interesting enough to sustain your child's interest. For younger kids, the more colorful the magazine, the more attentive they probably will be.

    You can research these magazines by asking your fellow parents, or by reading reviews. If you want to be absolutely sure that the magazines are safe for your child, go through them first before handing them to your child.

  • Ask your child what his preferred magazines are. Like adults, children have different interests, so learning will be more fun for your child if you choose a magazine that he's really interested in. You can introduce magazines on other topics eventually, but if you're just starting, try to stick first to what your child really likes. 
  • Give your child time to go through the magazine, and then ask him for his favorite article or photo. Have him read the article to you, and ask him why he likes that article. If it's a photo, ask him to show it you, and again, ask him to explain why the photo caught his eye. Try to be interactive while doing this by giving your own opinion as well. Never criticize your child's opinion, except in a positive way.

    If your child has favorite articles or images, you can help him cut these favorites and stick them on bond paper. Afterwards, you can collect them and bind them together. You'll have an instant book, a collection of articles your child won't get tired of going through again and again. Plus, your other children could use them in the future. 

  • Encourage your child to join the contests that some magazines have. He or she could submit artwork or a short story. If his work gets published, he will feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride. If it doesn't get chosen, encourage him to try once more. Tell him how proud you are of him because he's brave enough to share his work.
  • If you're teaching your child how to read and write the alphabet, you can cut out colorful pictures from the magazines and point out that a particular image starts with this letter, and so on and so forth. You can also use the magazine images to teach your young child how to count.

Kids' magazines provide a wide array of ways to teach your children. You just have to tap into your creative juices and think of ways to maximize these magazines for homeschooling.


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