How To Verify a High School Diploma

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Most Americans have a high school diploma, but, there are still approximately just under 40 million who do not. Not having one sometimes causes people to lie to prospective employers, or acquire a fake one or even purchase one off the computer. This is why it is necessary for companies to verify a high school diploma. Just follow the steps outlined below to get verification that an applicant does indeed have a high school diploma.

  1. The first thing you should do is have the person who is applying for the job give you written permission saying that you can look at the transcripts from the high school they went to.
  2. Next you need to obtain the high school name and address by looking it up in the phone book if it's nearby or go to a free online phone directory for non-local schools. Sometimes you won't find a phone number for an online high school. If this is the case, do a search of the high school name online and locate the contact section to get the phone number.
  3. Once you have obtained this information, then you can proceed to contact the high school. Let them know that you have a signed permission form and that you need to get verification of the applicant's high school diploma. To confirm that the diploma is authentic, be sure to ask the amount of time they went to the school, as well as how many years they were there. Most schools can fax this information to you or put it in the mail. Keep in mind that if an applicant has been out of school for a number of years, then the transcripts may be in storage and it may take a while to get the needed information.
  4. Be sure to find out if the high school is accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Remember, the schools that are the most reputable are recognized by the government. If a high school meets or exceeds the standards that are in place for the quality of education, it will be given accreditation.

Make sure to thoroughly check over all the paperwork that you receive on the applicant. When you have gotten verification that your job applicant does indeed have a high school diploma, then you can rest assured that you are making a good decision in hiring them. You, of course, will feel better knowing that you went the extra mile in finding out for sure that they are truthful and educated. 


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