How To Write a Student Survey About a School

Administering a student survey about school can be very beneficial for the institution. The education survey allows the school to know about the student's attitude towards the school, the teachers and the overall experience of being a student. Student feedback will also provide the school with an idea on how to improve their facilities, the teacher's learning styles, the curriculum, and other factors that need to be changed in order to meet the students' needs. Here are the things you have to consider in order for you to write a student survey about a school:

  1. Think of what information you want to obtain when devising the student survey. In order for you to device the correct questions for the student survey, it is important that the questions are focused and are related towards what you want to know. There are two types of questions, open-ended and closed-ended questions. Answers to open-ended questions are not very specific, as it would depend on the students' own words. Closed-ended questions on the other have five types: (1) Likert-scale question wherein the students' answers will be matched to a rating scale, like ranging from 1 for Strongly Disagree to 5 for Strongly Agree; (2) Ordinal questions wherein students would have to rank their answers; (3) Multiple choice wherein a set of answers are provided for the student and they just have to choose the best one for them; (4) Numerical questions wherein the answers are numbers; and (5) Categorical questions wherein the students need to identify themselves in a certain category, like gender.
  2. Select the method you will use to disseminate the student survey. There are different ways to write a student survey about a school. One method is paper survey, wherein student forms are distributed and accomplished by the students. Electronic survey via online is also another way of administering a student survey, and is a much more popular method preferred by educators. Students are very familiar with the Internet, and they can take the online student survey at their preferred time, making them much more comfortable accomplishing the student survey.
  3. Review the student survey you've made. Once you're done creating the student survey, have your friends or colleagues check it for you, to make sure that there are no mistakes, and they might even give you a few suggestions on the questions and answer choices. Also make sure to time the survey which should be within 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Implement the student survey. Publish the survey to the students through your selected medium, either via paper survey, or online survey.

After your target student group have taken the student survey you have made, then you just have to analyze the data you have obtained to get the student attitude and other student feedback for the school's improvement.


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