How To Understand the Importance of Mathematics

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Mathematics is more than just the science of numbers taught by teachers in schools and either enjoyed or feared by many students. It plays a significant role in the lives of individuals and the world of society as a whole. Mathematics is an essential discipline recognized worldwide, and it needs to be augmented in education to equip students with skills necessary for achieving higher education, career aspirations, and for attaining personal fulfillment. Its significance to education is not limited to the following aspects.

  1. Enhances problem solving and analysis skills. Mathematics enhances students' logical, functional and aesthetic skills. Problems enable students to apply their skills to both familiar and unfamiliar situations, thereby giving them the ability to use tested theory and also create their own before applying them. By developing problem solving strategies, students learn to understand problems, devise plans, carry out plans, analyze and review the accuracy of their solutions. The methods involved in problem solving develop use of reasoning, careful and reasonable argument, and decision making.
  2. Applied in daily life. Mathematics is not a mere subject that prepares students for higher academic attainment or job qualification in the future. It is not all about practicing calculations in algebra, statistics and algorithms that, after all, computers are capable of doing. It is more about how it compels the human brain to formulate problems, theories and methods of solutions. It prepares children to face a variety of simple to multifaceted challenges every human being encounters on a daily basis. Irrespective of your status in life and however basic your skills are, you apply mathematics. Daily activities including the mundane things you do are reliant on how to count, add or multiply. You encounter numbers every day in memorizing phone numbers, buying groceries, cooking food, balancing a budget, paying bills, estimating gasoline consumption, measuring distance and managing your time. In the fields of business and economy, including the diverse industries existing around you, basic to complex math applications are crucial.
  3. Base for all technologies. Anywhere in the world, mathematics is employed as a key instrument in a diversity of fields such as medicine, engineering, natural science, social science, physical science, tech science, business and commerce, etc.  Application of mathematical knowledge in every field of study and industry produces new discoveries and advancement of new disciplines. All innovations introduced worldwide, every product of technology that man gets pleasure from is a byproduct of Science and Math. The ease and convenience people enjoy today from the discoveries of computers, automobiles, aircraft, household and personal gadgets would never have happened if it were not for this essential tool used in technology.
  4. Career aspirations. Every branch of Mathematics has distinct applications in different types of careers. The skills enhanced from practicing math such as analyzing patterns, logical thinking, problem solving and the ability to see relationships can help you prepare for your chosen career and enable you to compete for interesting and high-paying jobs against people around the globe. Even if you do not take up math-intensive courses, you have the edge to compete against other job applicants if you have a strong mathematical background, as industries are constantly evolving together with fast-paced technology.

Since mathematics encompasses all aspects of human life, it is unquestionably important in education to help students and all people from all walks of life perform daily tasks efficiently and become productive, well-informed, functional, independent individuals and members of a society where Math is a fundamental component.


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