How To Visit Important Holocaust Memorials

The Holocaust is an infamous part of history, but it is very important that new generations don't forget the mistakes of our past. There is not much to boast of in the Holocaust, save for the magnitude of impact it has had. The claiming of many lives from this horrendous series of events continue to be commemorated by a presentation of the facts.

Hitler continues to be a haunting icon of a higher level of cunning evil that has caused nightmares to the adults and children of the Second World War. Victims of the Holocaust and World War 2 continue to be commemorated through Holocaust memorials all over the world. The one survivor of all these horrendous events is literature and art that has flourished as a result of the Holocaust. The Diary of Anne Frank and the movie Schindler’s List are the more popular examples of the chronicling of the dark times in Jewish history.

As a person who may be interested in the remnants of the Holocaust, its imprints are still markedly seen in the important Holocaust memorials situated in different parts of the world. Here's how to find some of the most popular Holocaust memorials:

  1. Berlin Holocaust Memorial. Ironically, this is one of the more important sites for a Holocaust Memorial because this was where it all began for the Jews in those dark times. The Berlin Holocaust memorial would not have been built if the dark times of the Holocaust did not end. One sign that it is already part of the bitter past of the world war is that it already has its memorial in Berlin, Germany.
  2. Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The Diary of Anne Frank is celebrated as one of the most poignant memoirs of the sufferings people had during the time of the Holocaust. Apart from being a painful reminder, this particular Holocaust memorial is done mainly to acknowledge the contribution of Anne Frank as an icon of the Holocaust and everything else that she stood for.
  3. Holocaust Cyber Library. A virtual tour of the Holocaust may be seen in This is still open for numerous contributions from historians and many others. The Holocaust cyber library contains a set of links that will be useful information for researchers and even for those who want to imagine what it’s like living under those most oppressive circumstances. 
  4. Forest of the Martyrs in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is also a memorable place since it is a holy city for Jews along with Christians and Muslims. There will always be people ready to recount the history of the Holocaust from the perspective of the sons and daughters of those who were most afflicted by this painful tragedy.
  5. Auschwitz Jewish Center in Poland. Another area located and associated the most with the Holocaust is Poland. Poland is the nearby area where most Jews who managed to escape went. This center, in particular, boasts of many articles from the Holocaust and also accounts from people based on firsthand experience as survivors of war.



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