How To Compare Leap Pad Models

LeapPad is an electronic educational product line from LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. It is a set of toys intended to teach children ages 4-8. It creates a fun reading and learning experience. It was first developed by Explore Technologies Inc., and was continued by LeapFrog after their acquisition of the company in 1998. It uses a patented NearTouch technology, which is also used by other products from LeapFrog. There are a variety of models and accessories for LeapPad, here are some of them.

  1. The original model of LeapPad is a brilliant learning toy. Being an intuitive product, it is an interactive touch pad with untearable pages. It uses a cartridge to load the reading material. Using its special stylus, it uses a point and talk feature. Pointing at a word will enable the unit to say the word. Pointing the stylus at a sentence will enable the unit to say the sentence. Your child can browse through a variety of activities with LeapPad. It is amazing to see how your child can learn to read just by playing with the LeapPad toy. It adds a feeling of competence knowing that your child will develop and at the same time be entertained with this wonderful tool.
  2. The LeapPad Plus Writing is a writing pad, which is a variation of the original LeapPad with a different stylus. Its new stylus pen enables the child to learn how to trace the letters of the alphabet. This model has since been replaced by the product called Read and Write Leap Pad.
  3. LeapPad Plus Microphone uses a built-in microphone to record and playback a recording of what the child is reading. Cartridges from the original LeapPad are also compatible with this model.
  4. The LeapPad Pro model is intended for older users and features a more cutting edge look. This laptop pad has advanced features like sports which are not included in the regular LeapPad. LeapPad Pro is also compatible with cartridges that are used with the regular LeapPad but it is not guaranteed that the LeapPad Pro cartridge will be compatible with the regular one.
  5. Quantum LeapPad is also for older users but unlike the latter, this offers a save feature for its RAM cartridges.
  6. The Read and Write LeapPad is the improved version of LeapPad Plus Writing. The manufacturers moved the stylus holder to the right and the style of the unit has been redesigned.
  7. Learn N Go LeapPad is the Read and Write LeapPad version in the United Kingdom. The only difference between this modem and the latter is the firmware on this device has been done using British phonics and voices. Sometimes it is significant, especially if you are using a cartridge that comes with its own voice samples. However, they also offer several cartridges that use pre-loaded sound on the LeapPad device.

Reading using LeapPad is a very educational and interesting way of learning. The process of using LeapPad for children is very easy, just turn it on and plug in the cartridge and your child will be on his way to enjoying hours of fun and interesting activities.


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