How To Find Online Community Classes in Southern California

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Attending online community class is a new way of learning. Thanks to the innovation of computers, learning is now possible without having to physically attend classes in a school. You can learn right in your own home. If you are living in South California, here are some schools that offer online community classes.

  1. CalPoly. The California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo offers the Instructional Technology for Teachers Certificate Program. They also offer courses like Algebra I and II, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and Asperger, Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, Behavior Language I and II, Classroom Inclusion, Creating and Using Multimedia Presentation and Projects in the Classroom, Drugs and Alcohol in Schools, Functional Behavioral Analysis, Harassment in Schools, HIV/AIDS: Prevention and Education for the 21st century, Integrating Technology into the K-12, Elementary Grades, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Classrooms, Internet for Educators, Creative Collage Art, and a lot more. You can visit their website at or call them up at (805) 756-1111.
  2. CSULA. The California State University in Los Angeles offers programs like Fire Protection Administration and Technology, and Risk Analysis and Certificate Program, and Fire Service Administration Certificate Program. They also offer courses like Algebra I and Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, Fire Disaster Administration, Prevention Administration, Protection Aspects of Building Design, Protection Laws, Protection of Structural Members and Building Components, and Protection Systems Design, Foundations of Public Administration, Great Investigations in Elementary Science, Instructional Technology, Introduction to Computers and their Uses in Classrooms, and to Music Librarianship, Organization and Management, Public Personnel Administration, and Work Builders. You can visit their website at
  3. CSUSB. The California State University in San Bernardino offers online courses in Adolescents Literacy Tutoring, Advanced Accounting, and Science Methods, Applications in Sociology, Community Policing, Computer Applications for Vocational Teachers, Computer Based Technology in Education, Computers and Learning, Conversation and Composition I and II, Corporate and Partnership Taxation, Critical Issues for the Professional Vocational Educator, Cultural and Intellectual Foundations of Hispanic civilization, Culture and Schooling, Data Base management, Educational Leadership, Expert Systems, Expository Writing for Administration, and for Social Sciences, Fieldwork in Educational Administration, and a lot more. You can visit their website at
  4. SDSU. The San Diego State University offers online programs like Instructional Technology Certificate and Rehabilitation Counseling Masters Degree. They also offer online courses for Basic Coaching Theory, Biomechanics of Human Motion, and Introduction to Kinesiology. You can visit their website at
  5. Chapman University. The Chapman University has a campus in Orange County. It offers online courses like Drugs and Alcohol in Schools: Understanding Substance Use/Abuse, Effective Strategies for New Teachers, Functional Analysis: Intro to Completing Behavior Assessments, Improving your Students' Test-taking Skills (for Grades 2 to 12), Mastering Self Directed Growth, Reaching Difficult Students, Reaching Students Through Character Education, Teaching Themes Through the Year, Understanding Aggression: Coping with Aggressive Behavior, Understanding Emotional Intelligence, and Violence in Schools: Identification, Prevention, and Intervention Strategies. You can visit their website at
  6. Online community classes are centers for people who don't have time to attend classes in schools like teachers themselves, single parents who take care of their kids by themselves or people who have day jobs. A lot of people like attending online classes because of the lack of cultural prejudice in this community.
  7. Most of the time, you will be required to download a software that will aid you in your online learning. Some of the tools that you'll need are free, like access to forums for support from co-learners and teachers.

    Always remember that education is the best gifts you can give yourself. Life is a process of endless learning. No matter what age you are, you can always learn and it is easier than ever before through online community classes.


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