How To Understand Reading Comprehension Tests

Reviewing for comprehension exam

Books, magazines, articles, poems, novels and passages are only but a few reading materials. You can always see people holding something to read. But wait, how much do you think they absorbed from what they read? Do you think they have a good batting score in their reading comprehension skills? You should start your children early on reading and guiding them so that they will develop good reading comprehension skills.

Reading comprehension does not only mean that a reader remembers what he has just read but also understands the context of the writing. He goes deeper into the message the writing wants to convey. Often for children, guided reading often helps improve their comprehension. Games are also associated with their reading materials to make them remember and understand what they have just read.

Reading comprehension refers to understanding and creating meaning from written materials. Teachers use questions to guide and monitor comprehension. Asking questions promotes active thinking as children read. It helps them to make connections between what they are reading and what they already know. Reading comprehension tests are designed to assess if children understand what they have just read.

There are ways to teach reading comprehension. Usually children start to improve on their comprehension through guided reading. With this, the children are watched and guided in their reading so that questions can be answered right away, thereby avoiding any confusion.

Reading instruction is also used as a comprehension strategy. Teachers often explain to children what they have to do. The children are told to read a particular passage or story, then made aware of the questions they have to answer at the end of their reading. 

Another comprehension strategy is the use of reading worksheets. These enable the children to assess for themselves if they have really understood what they have read. They are asked to read the story, paragraph or article and answer the questions that follow what they read.

There are a lot of websites on the Internet that offer reading comprehension tests (for all ages) for free. Reading comprehension tests determine if the children properly comprehend what they are asked to read. With these tests the children are guided on the proper ways of reading and understanding. Here are some of these websites:

  • - This site offers comprehension tests and guides that teachers and parents can use for their children.
  • - This site has a practice test for each grade. Each test has a contents page, two reading passages, and question and answer sections.
  • - This page offers your children an opportunity to practice reading comprehension skills.
  • - This site features free reading comprehension worksheets for teachers and parents so that they can copy them for their kids. They comprise original essays, poems, stories and articles. Use these sample stories to help your children improve their reading comprehension. The stories include questions at the end of each story.

Reading comprehension tests enable your children to develop a more effective technique in their reading habits. They are being molded to become better readers. They don't just read but they learn the lessons being taught to them. As they improve on their reading they become aware that they are not just expected to read and understand their reading materials but we also want them to find enjoyment in reading.


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