Find a Reform School for a Troubled Teen: Boot Camps

Help Get Your Teen Back on the Right Track with This Juvenile Boot Camp Information

Among the common problems teenagers face today is self-esteem, dealing with emotions, handling failure, peer pressure, not to mention familial conditions. When these problems are disregarded, a large possibility looms for your child to run away, become dependent on drugs, illegal drinking, involved in gangs and crimes or get pregnant. It you notice your child showing early symptoms of teenage problems, do not ignore the crisis but address the situation carefully and correctly to prevent your child from getting into more serious trouble. If you think however that your child's condition has already gone out of control and you are having difficulty dealing with a troubled teen, it might be best to consider options like reform school and other alternative programs fit to meet the specific needs of your child. But what are reform schools and how do they help your troubled teen?

A reform school used to connote penal institution for juvenile delinquents. Today, however, it is referred to as juvenile boot camp or alternative school. Teenagers can either go to a boarding school or remain in their homes while attending the alternative schools during the day. Reform school approach is a combination of academics and therapy. They facilitate treatment structured programs to help out-of-control teenagers get back on track. Reform or alternative schools for troubled teens usually involve therapeutic programs to help teenagers struggling with defiance, depression, substance abuse, absence of self worth, resistance to change, lack of motivation, low academic performance, as well as other personality or behavioral disorders. They usually have clinical psychologists who help facilitate the programs and accredited curriculum for academics.

Tuition fees for reform schools or alternative programs can be a little expensive, with costs usually starting at $2,000 a month. Financing options can be obtained such as educational loans, home equity or sponsorship from an organization and church groups. Several religious organizations like Christian and Judaism also run their own reform schools.

Here are some links to directories and sites where you can find reform schools and other alternative programs suitable for your child and for your location. This will show you how to find reform schools for troubled teens so you can make informed decisions about your child.

  1. Our Troubled Teen - directory of reform schools such as boot camps, summer programs, wilderness programs, therapeutic centers, Christian schools, residential centers, boarding schools for teens across America. Its objective is to help you find the program that meets the specific needs of your child.
  2. Family First Aid: Help for Troubled Teens - comprehensive list of teen problems, programs and venues for their development.
  3. Troubled Teens - therapeutic boarding school's site, provide help for parents and teenagers alike.
  4. Insight Pros - placement agency for alternative schools.
  5. Troubled Teen - information on teen troubles, teen disorders, schools and programs including financial aid.

Reform schools, alternative programs, boarding schools, regular teen camps or teen boot camps are government approved venues for the development of troubled teens. Some are government funded and assisted by charitable organizations or private grants. However, the government, including civil service agencies like Child Protective Services, has to thoroughly scrutinize these reform schools, especially the privately run facilities. As a parent, you have to be very careful in selecting an alternative school for your child. Reform school movements have grown rapidly so that there are thousands of organizations to choose from. Be wary though as some existing institutions are not state regulated and are not licensed.


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