Study Abroad During Your High School Years

Studying abroad can be a great opportunity during your high school years. Initially, one of the main aspects of your college application is the school where you studied. Studying abroad during your high school years can be an advantage in finding the perfect college or good job in the future. If you decide to enter high school in another country, there will be a lot of requirements you will need to meet before applying as a transfer student. Before anything else, you need to apply as an immigrant to the selected country where you want to study.

More often than not, immigration will give you a student's status abroad that will help you continue your studies with all the credited subjects from your previous school. Be sure to get all the essential requirements that your new school would need from you. One prerequisite that you should present is your accreditation requirement coming from your guidance counselor. This would inform your new school that your previous school is accrediting you to the next level, which is high school. Speaking of your guidance counselor, this is the best time to talk with him/her about your situation in leaving the country and studying abroad. He/she may give you guidelines in coping emotionally to the new environment you are about to experience. Also talking to a friend who is studying abroad or who has studied abroad could help you learn the do's and don'ts that you should remember.

During the first day of high school, you are basically in a new environment, a different culture and a new set of people. You are probably experiencing emotional challenges like anxiety, apprehension, fear of rejection and loneliness. However, this is normal and temporary. You are not the only person who thinks and feels this way when entering a new campus filled with new faces. Just remember to be yourself. Meet new people and interact with them by knowing the uniqueness and beauty of their culture and sharing yours with them. Having new friends could help boost your confidence especially during the first weeks of studying in a new school. Having new friends can also open doors to discovering your hidden talents which you could develop more in the near future by joining extra-curricular activities.

Conversely speaking, having extra-curricular activities in the first weeks of your schooling might be too early for you as you juggle your studies. Try to get used to the school's curriculum before engaging yourself in clubs or organizational groups. It will be tough at first but eventually you will learn how to cope with your school's regulations. On the other hand, if you are the type of student who is dynamic and always on the go and joining extra-curricular activities, then just remember that there might be some changes in the way your club was before and now. You are in a new setting with different people and different rules. After all, it's about expanding your mind in learning new ideas and experiencing new things at the same time.


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