How To Study for a Test or Exam

There is a wealth of information and advice to be found when it comes to the best way to study for an exam.  Books, seminars, guides and test preparations, which can be purchased or borrowed from the local public library, are all readily available.

Depending upon the nature of the exam to be taken, different techniques and strategies can and should be incorporated into any good study plan.  For instance, if the test is a formal assessment given by governmental agency, then practice tests are usually available.  These are typically past exams that were given and are an excellent source for determining where a person's area of weakness may lie.  Taking these exams will inform the test-taker where to concentrate his study hours and efforts.

As a general rule, when studying for a test, a plan should be mapped out and a definite commitment made to stick to the schedule.  The study plan should include the amount of time the examinee will devote to the study of each subject or section of the test.  It should also include the number of practice tests to be taken and the grades received on each.  These tests should be timed to mimic the actual exam.

What follows is a simple three-step study plan:  Step one is to design or use a blank calendar to schedule the days and number of hours planned for the studying of each subject area contained in the test.  Decide on a set number of hours to study each day of the week, then fill in the study times and subject area.

Step two incorporates times for taking practice tests.  These tests should be timed exactly to match the actual test.  After grading the exam, keep a record of the scores.  This will enable the examinee to see where extra time needs to be spent studying.

Step three is to decide to use the whole experience of the actual exam as an opportunity to further instruct your future studying in the subject(s).  It is important to make up your mind to pass the exam, however, if you do not pass, then use the results to inform your upcoming study plans.  Choose to re-take the exam right away and to continue testing until successful!

There is no such thing as a fail-proof study plan.  All plans hinge on a conscious decision to stick to the plan and the ability to actually do what has been planned.  If you miss a session or don't put in the scheduled amount of time planned, then it is necessary to make the studying time up at another date.  Leave time for rest and relaxation.  It is just a test and nothing more.  You can and will pass it!


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