How To Find Top Forensic Schools in New York

Having forensic skills

How many times have you been impressed by crime investigation scenes on TV? Surely, at least once in your life, you have admired how the investigators find the answers to a lot of crime mysteries. You may say that the scriptwriter and director of CSI or other crime-and-investigation TV shows are amazing to create such a suspenseful thriller. But the credit should not actually be given to them. Instead, you should be more amazed by people in the real-life scenario, solving crime mysteries. These people have molded their expertise in forensic schools.

Forensic experts are actually often credited for how organized and how well they can plot an investigation that can unlock a dozen mysteries. The whole process of investigation alone is already tough, making them so deserving of being admired by CSI fans. And to be able to produce the top expertise, a student needs to earn forensic degrees from only the best schools. In the U.S., for example, most of the best forensic schools are located in New York. There may be some schools in Texas, in California, in Florida, and in other states that are equally competitive in forensic studies. But New York remains the house of America’s top forensic graduate schools. Some of the well-acknowledged schools that produce forensic scientists and other forensic professionals in New York are:

  • City University of New York. This forensic school is the best graduate school offering forensic studies in the whole U.S.A. It also has the John Jay College of Criminal Studies offering a master’s program in Forensic Psychology.
  • Pace University. In the school’s Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences, one can get either a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science or a Master of Science in Forensic Science. The students are given training on forensic cases with a focus in criminal investigation techniques, written and oral communication skills, and laboratory analysis techniques. Most of the holders of forensic degrees from Pace University get forensic careers in New York’s Drug Enforcement Administration, Police Department, and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
  • Hilbert College. The school produces forensic scientists with training in fingerprint analysis, DNA analysis, bloodstain analysis, and evidence law. It offers a program for Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation. Students are given training in doing forensic cases through internships in local crime laboratories and medical examiner offices.

Aside from the competitive and highly useful education and training, these schools are also offering online forensic studies. Therefore, convenience and distance can never be a hindrance in getting your education from the top forensic schools in the Big Apple.

Aside from this, graduates from New York schools are assured to get good forensic careers right after graduation. This is because they are well-trained in handling even the most difficult of all forensic cases, not to mention the state’s reputation in the field. But if you’re too far from New York or can’t be qualified for online studies, then the forensic courses in other states like in Florida, in California, in Texas, and in Florida can be your second best option.  You can also get a great start by taking forensic psychology classes online.


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