Downloading Cell Phone Ringtones: Find Ringtones for Free

Get Free Monophonic or Polyphonic Ringtones or Pay Through Your Service Provider

You know you have been out and about and heard what sounds like the theme to The Godfather on someone's cell phone and wondered where you could get a ringtone like that. Truth is, there are many places you can get cell phone ringtones; you just need to know a few things first. 

Here's how to download ringtones to your cell phone.

  1. Know your phone model, number and service provider. This is where you need to start. Make sure you know the brand and model number of the phone you want to download the ringtone to. Not all ringtones are the same; they come in different formats that may not be compatible with your particular phone. The most common are monophonic, which play one single note at a time. Polyphonic ringtones--which most of today's phones use--play 128 notes at a Cellphone and laptoptime. The bigger more expensive smart phones use WAV files due to their being Windows-based. MP3 files are the newest option. These are usually clips of actual audio from a song. Check Cellphones.About to find out if your phone is compatible with new ringtones Also, make sure you know what service provider you use and your phone number. These things will be asked of you when you want to get a new ringtone.
  2. Find ringtones online. There are thousands of places online to get new ringtones. Now, be wary that a lot of sites that allow you to download free ringtones do so in exchange for your email address and phone number. You can expect many an email and text message advertising if you are not careful of who you download from. If you want to be safe, start with your cell provider's website. They usually have ringtones for free and for sale to download and sometimes have exclusive ringtones that no one else has due to agreements with record companies and artists. They also will probably have the least amount of choice so if you want variety, look on some of these sites:
    • Mobizzo Mobizzo is a great site where you can choose downloads by browsing by your phone model. This makes life easier because you know whatever you choose is compatible.
    • RingtonesGalore offers mono, polyphonic and real audio ringtones of a lot of today's most popular songs for free!
    • Tones.Yahoo has good stuff too.
  3. Download the ringtone. So you've decided what ringtone you want. Click on all the applicable information, country, phone model, service provider and cell number. When you put all this information in, the site will tell you if any of the information is incompatible with their services. If the ringtones are not free, you will have to fill out a billing information section. After you finish that, press download and the ringtone will start to download to your phone. You'll know you got it when your phone beeps or buzzes like it's got a message.
  4. Downloading ringtones from your phone. On your phone there should be an option to download directly from your service provider. If you use this option, the selection and download will all be by phone. When you select the tone, press download. It will download to your phone and be stored for you to use at your leisure. That's about it. Most phones will allow you to get free ringtones this way but if you have to pay for a tone, expect to shell out about $.99 to $3.99, depending on the quality of tone or just the deal you find.

Good luck and remember not to annoy people with ridiculously loud ringers; it's just uncool.


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