How To Buy a PDA Watch

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), for the most part, come in one size. They are a lot smaller than a computer but bigger than a cell phone. There is, however, a version of the PDA you can wear on your wrist and get some of the same functionality of a full-sized PDA. These devices are small but still capable of running applications such as calendar reminders, calculator, games, Ebook reader, email capabilities, etc. Now there are not many of these devices to choose from so which one to get and where to get them isn't going to be too strenuous

  1. OK, so there are really only a few options when it comes to selecting a PDA phone. The pcOnhand and the Fossil are the main players in the wrist-worn PDA game. To a lesser extent, the Data Bank Watch is considered a PDA watch but it's really a glorified address book that you can transfer information to from your computer. The Casio PC-Unite HXB-100 BIZX PDA watch is on the same level as the data bank watch also.
  2. Now some sort of bad news. Of the four PDA watches listed above, only the one from Fossil is still in production. All the rest can still be found new on places like eBay and the like but they are leftover stock, not newly produced. Why this is the case is beyond me because a couple of these really work well, the onhand pc in particular.
  3. As far as capabilities go, the Fossil and onhand versions are tops. They both offer nice organizational software along with email synch, calculators, map, games, note-taking, and contact info software. Fossil uses the Palm operating system and onhand uses Windows. The other two will store your phone numbers and email addresses but don't do a whole lot more. The Fossil comes with a cool little hidden stylus for its touch screen.
  4. Where to buy and how much? If you want the Fossil brand, you can buy the newest model right from the website. They run around $80, but you can find earlier models on eBay for much less money. These earlier models are not too bad either, comparatively speaking. The PDA data bank watch is about $50 on ZyonShop. The best places to find the pcOnhand watch is on eBay or in your local online classifieds like CraigsList. Same goes for the Casio brand.
  5. So you may have to look a bit for a watch PDA but being that there are so few out there, it shouldn't take too long to settle on one and get it for a decent price.


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What about battery life? Most of the reviews I've read said that you'd be lucky if the battery lasted more than one day. Also, with one exception, they all said that if the battery died, all the data would be lost. I was planning on buying the Fossil until I read those reviews. Could it be that these problems have now been overcome?

By Warren Jones