How To Buy and Install PDA Batteries

Most people who own PDAs only have them for a few years before they get themselves a new one. For those who want to hold onto theirs for a while longer or for those who seem to be having battery problems, you could always replace the original battery. This can be quite a production depending on the model of PDA because the rechargeable batteries that are installed are not meant to be changed with any frequency, if at all. The good news is, there are some great resources to help you, not to mention this article you are reading.

  1. First off we need to get you a new battery. The best place to look for a new battery that has a really good price is online. Check the PDA section of and also check out,, You could probably find some crazy deal on eBay, but you can't always be sure of where it is coming from. Local electronics places might have them also, but you should call ahead and make sure if they have your models. The bigger consumer electronics stores will probably not have them but Staples, Radio Shack and Office Max do.
  2. Now comes the tricky part. Before you start anything, check the manual that came with your PDA. If you do not still have it, try to find it online or check out If your model's battery replacement instructions are there, print them out and keep them handy. Another thing you might need is either a small Phillips head screwdriver or a Torx driver, a special screwdriver for small electronics. Torx drivers are available at computer stores and you also might be able to get them at the hardware store.
  3. If your PDA has a removable battery panel, then all you need to do is take it off, remove the battery and put the new one in. If your PDA has a screw-off back, unscrew the back and locate the battery. If the battery is under a circuit board, then you will have to move the board to get to it. Be careful if you need to do this; don't bend or tug too hard on a circuit board. Once you find the battery, you may need to pry it out of its seating because it may be glued down. If it is, carefully use a small flathead screwdriver or butter knife to work under it and lift it up gently. The battery's wires are most likely attached by a clip to the wires going into the circuit board. Just pull each side of the clip and the battery will be freed. Clip in the new battery (there is usually only one way the clips will align). Seat the battery back where it came from and reassemble the unit.
  4. There are a select few PDAs that have their battery wires soldered to the main board. These are easy enough to replace if you have the proper equipment. If you don't, then don't bother trying to do it; find someone who can. If you do have a soldering iron and some solder, then you can unsolder the old battery. Keep in mind which wire is positive and which is negative. The polarity should be marked on the board, but pay attention anyway because reversing these could be a very bad thing for your PDA. has a lot of how to step by steps with pictures and even videos that show how to replace batteries!

Hopefully this article will help you with your PDA battery issues. Remember to make sure of your PDA model when searching for batteries and instructions as the same brand may use different batteries in different models. If you don't know it, check in your PDA's settings under "system info." Good luck!


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