How To Buy PDA Accessories

If you are like me (and I hope you are not like me), you need every accessory for every electronic device you own. There are a bunch of practical and fun add-ons to pimp out your PDA. Some are must haves, like a car charger. Some are a bit more frivolous, like leopard print skins. Whatever your needs or taste, here's how and where to look for PDA accessories.

  1. Go online and search for PDA accessories. Online stores usually have the best prices on electronic equipment so always start there.
    • The pocket solution has a lot of accessories with good prices and lots of pictures of their products.
    • not only has PDA accessories, it also has parts in case you need to build one yourself.
    • Also check out Extreme PDA and, not to be confused with
    • Don't forget the big shopping sites like Amazon, eBay and Overstock.
    • The website of the manufacturer of your PDA is great place to look for accessories guaranteed to go with your model, but not the best place to find a bargain.
    • Local online want ads like Craigslist might have a few low priced gems too.

  2. Electronics stores that sell PDA's will invariably have PDA accessories. The bigger stores such as Circuit City and Best Buy will have a small selection. Your best bet, if you want to look at accessories in-store, is to go into a computer store. Places that deal with computers, like MicroCenter for example, will have a lot more options for hard-to-find accessories. These places are a good bet because, even if the online sites have cheaper prices, you might have to pay a couple bucks in shipping that makes up the difference. If it's that close, go with the local store. You can go in, look before you buy, and talk to someone if you have questions.
  3. Prices you can expect to pay for popular PDA accessories.
    • A car charger is a must-have PDA accessory. You can usually find them for about $10.
    • A nice case to protect your investment can be found anywhere from $15 (a basic nylon case) to $90 (a sharkskin leather one).
    • A synch cable that attaches to your computer so your PDA can communicate and charge it? That PDA accessory will run you no more than $15 to $20.
    • Memory cards have gotten pretty cheap these days. You can find a one-gigabyte SD card for only $15!
    • An extra stylus sells for about $8.
    • Screen protectors are about $15 for a three-pack.
    • If your PDA is equipped with Bluetooth, there is a wireless keyboard for close to $130. And if you want to go even higher, you can make your PDA into a GPS unit for a cool $180!

Buying PDA accessories is not all that hard, given the amount of resources at your disposal. Just remember that you usually get what you pay for when you are shopping. A few extra bucks for a leather case might be worth it in the long run if the cheap fabric one is fraying at the edges after six months. Good luck and have fun shopping!


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