How To Find Companies Offering Free MMS

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service is a method that is used in mobile technology to be able to send multimedia messages in the form of images, video files and audio files among others. MMS is usually sent by users who have mobile phones that are equipped with a camera. There are different companies that offer free sending of MMS to users.

Here are some of the companies that offer free MMS:

  1. AT&T – AT&T is the biggest telecommunications company in the United States. The company offers the sending of free MMS messages. This free service can be used by customers who will avail of a certain text messaging plan for their mobile phone. This will give them a chance to send video messages, picture messages and audio without having to worry about paying additional costs. For more information regarding the messaging plan, you can call AT&T’s support hotline.
  2. Sea SMS – Sea SMS is a company that provides free SMS services worldwide. You can send free SMS and MMS messages to any phone mobile. You can send MMS messages having a file limit of 500 KB. You can send these MMS messages to your own mobile phone and send them to your friends via Bluetooth technology. Sea SMS also provides premium services that include other features, such as an account control panel, instant delivery and two way messaging. You can buy these premium services for a certain fee.
  3. Text4free – This website allows you to send free MMS and SMS messages to any mobile phone on five continents. You can send audio files, graphics and video files to anyone. You do not need to know the recipient’s provider in order to send these files. Other tools and services that you can get from this website are a texting tool for your Google homepage and a text messaging tool that can be added to your website or your MySpace webpage.
  4. Yes! MMS - There are a lot of features that you can use on this website. You can take advantage of the free chat and free MMS sending on the website. You can also look for animated avatars, wallpapers, ringtones and games for your mobile phone. You can recommend this website to your other friends by providing their e-mail address on the website. By doing this, you can share different types of files with your friends on your mobile phone.

These are some of the companies that offer free MMS services. You can take advantage of these free services as sending MMS messages may be expensive, depending on your service provider. By using free online MMS messaging, you can save a lot of money and you can share the files that you get by using Bluetooth. This will be a way for you to share and interact with your friends without having to spend as much money on sending MMS messages. You can also check out the different telecommunications providers if they have plans or packages that come with free MMS sending.


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