How To Understand Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreens are devices that detect the location or presence of a touch within a display area. Though the term generally means to access the display through the contact of a finger, touchscreen technology can also interact with objects such as a stylus or light pen. Here are some of the devices that use touchscreen technology.

  • Personal Media Players. Personal media players are electronic devices that are capable of playing and storing digital media. They can also show images and play videos. Data is kept on storage media like hard drives, flash memory or micro-drives. With the integration of touchscreen technology, personal media players are able to add more function and style to the device. Some of the touchscreen media players like Archos 7 and Apple’s iPod Touch have added a browsing feature, which enables the user to browse the web through its LCD screen format with full HTML capability.
  • Personal Digital Assistants. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are handheld computers that have colored screen panels, audio capabilities and several other features. Some models can also be used as smart phones, portable media players and web browsers. Many PDAs use touchscreen technology. Devices like the Palm Pilot and HP iPaq use touchscreen capabilities. With the use of a stylus, a tap on the screen can activate buttons or menu choices. They also contain a virtual keyboard, for easier text input capability.
  • Mobile Phones. Often called cell phones or hand phones, mobile phones are portable electronic devices utilized for mobile data and voice communication over a network of specialized stations popularly known as cell sites. The use of touchscreen technology eliminates the traditional keyboard or keypad use. It utilizes an interactive screen that reacts to human touch. Some examples of touchscreen hand phones are Apple’s iPhone, Sidekick and Sony Xperia.
  • Desktops. Computers like HP TouchSmart and MSI AIO have begun a breakthrough in touchscreen technology for desktop systems. The all in one concept of touchscreens on desktop computers has paved the way to enabling a touch interface for computing. From photo browsing to playing music, this device makes it a one of a kind piece that will not look out of place.
  • Tablet PCs. Tablet-based PCs were the first to introduce multi-touch capabilities to users. They allow users to rotate, pan zoom and scroll just by using two fingers, and it also works with a pressure sensitive stylus. Some of the tablet PCs available in the market are the Dell Latitude XT2 and Microsoft Surface.
  • Cameras. The addition of touchscreens on digital cameras has brought about a remarkable change in the way they are used. Aside from the addition of touch controls, which make a simple tap of an icon enable a fast setting change, their unique feature of being able to choose what you want to focus on by just tapping on the subject displayed is also very convenient. With this technology, it allows camera users to write on a photo, which is both fun and practical at the same time. Some of the touchscreen cameras in the market are Nikon Coolpix S60 and Sony Cybershot T900.

The advancement of touchscreen technology has paved the way to a new height in entertainment and computing. With this trend, it is not hard to think there will be more innovative products that will use touchscreen technology.


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