How To Hack a Verizon RAZR v3m Mobile Phone

RAZR v3m mobile phones issued by Verizon have built in lock features that hinder the owner from using all of its functions. While this has proven to be an annoyance for users, there are steps to actually "hack" and unlock your RAZR with the use of your Windows-based personal computer so that you get to maximize and use it to its full capacity.

1. Look for v3m drivers.

Search for v3m drivers on the World Wide Web. Since these drivers are not in any way certified by Microsoft, it would be best to get them only from reliable sources. Afterwards, download this onto your personal computer. Be sure to scan these drivers before performing further actions. Once you are sure it is free of any computer virus, follow the installation instructions.

2. Hook up your phone to the computer.

With the use of a USB cable, connect your RAZR v3m mobile phone to your personal computer. Bluetooth can be another alternative if you do not have a USB port. Once the mobile phone is hooked up, the Windows hardware wizard will detect the drivers and install them automatically.

3. Install P2K Seem and P2K Commander.

Again, subject these programs to a virus scan before you proceed. It would be best to check out the Moto Guide website for a more detailed instruction on correct installation. The P2K are programs that modify your phone's settings to enable it to transfer files from your phone to your PC. Load the P2K Seem and enter the code 2742 in the Seem box to finally unlock your phone's settings. Afterwards, look for the row that starts with 000060. On the 11th column of this particular row, the offset should indicate 006a. If it does, then click on the Selected Byte Details.

4. Modify settings.

Tick the box that indicates Bit 0 to enable transferring of files via Bluetooth. Additionally, check on the box that says Bit 1 so that file transfer through USB is activated.

5. Transfer files.

Finally, to transfer files either from your phone to your PC or vice versa, you will have to open P2K Commander. When you do so, it would be a good idea to keep a back up of the files you wish to erase from your mobile phone.

Performing these steps involves a few risks that may result in denied Verizon insurance or warranty claims, so do not do this unless you are absolutely sure you want to hack your RAZR.


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