How Cell Phone Boosters Work: Mobile Phone Booster

Learn About a Cell Phone Booster Antenna and How It Improves the Signal

A cell phone signal booster is a device that is installed into a cellular phone to boost the signal range and to increase the phone's signal strength. This will result in fewer dropped calls and can save you lots of money. Some cell phone boosters are reported to increase the strength of your signal by up to 500%. This is a great device to use if your cell phone is suffering from weak signals due to your location.

Here's how they work:

  1. Principle behind cell phone boosters. These devices work by strengthening the signals that come from a cell phone provider’s tower. The cell phone then gains more signal and improves the quality and reception of the calls that are made. This device is best used in crowded places, such as football games, basketball games and athletic events.
  2. Features.  Different types of boosters are available on the market; some will be more effective than others.  The device increases the signal range of the cell phone. This makes sending and receiving messages quicker. It also makes the reception clearer. The feature behind this is that the cell phone booster acts just like a satellite dish for the cell phone. It gathers the signals that it can and boosts the signal strength of the cellular phone. Some of the more popular brands are Graco and Dragon.
  3. Directional cell phone booster antenna. Your booster will require a directional antenna. A directional antenna is a device that helps the cell phone booster get a cellular signal. The directional antenna is geared towards the source of the signal, which is the tower of the cell phone’s service provider. The internal antenna of a cell phone also works in this manner, but a cell phone booster significantly increases the reception of the signal.
  4. Internal cell phone booster antenna. After the directional antenna gets signal from the tower, it then transmits that signal to the internal antenna of the cell phone. It then rebroadcasts the signal in the area. The internal antenna, together with the directional antenna, work to increase the reception of the signal of the cell phone.
  5. Amplifier. An amplifier is another component of the cell phone booster that helps increase the signal. The amplifier repeats the signal over and over so that the cell phone will be able to pick up the signals better. This amplifier can only work its best when the antenna of the cell phone gets strong signals.

Cell phone boosters are best used by people who need to use the cellphone often in a place where there is minimal signal. These devices work best in stationary places; they do not work as well in moving vehicles. People who take advantage of these devices are students, businessmen and other professionals that need to keep their lines open.


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