How To Add Wells Fargo Mobile App for Blackberry

Wells Fargo has been the undisputed leader in anything and everything about financial services becoming mobile. Not only does Wells Fargo Mobile provide a portal for clients to access their respective accounts via the Internet, but Wells Fargo also makes sure that this portal is safe and secure. Imagine how convenient it would be to check one's financial accounts online! Managing your funds should be a cinch when you add Wells Fargo Mobile app for your Blackberry. Here's how:

  1. Know first what the possible charges are for adding Wells Fargo Mobile app for your Blackberry. Wells Fargo does not charge clients with any fee for using the Wells Fargo Mobile services. However, the cellular phone companies might, so you may want to inquire about applicable fees for sending and receiving text messages connected to a Wells Fargo Mobile account.
  2. Know what services are covered by the Wells Fargo mobile app for your Blackberry. Not only will adding Wells Fargo Mobile app enable you to pay your bills online, it will also let you manage your account by being able to transfer balances when needed. And ever been on the road and in bad need of withdrawing money from an ATM but have not the faintest idea of where to locate one? Fortunately, Wells Fargo is aware of this very common predicament and has provided a solution to the problem. By being able to browse for ATM locations through the Wells Fargo Mobile app for your Blackberry, finding the nearest ATM in and around your area should no longer be that difficult.
  3. Start the process of adding Wells Fargo Mobile app for Blackberry by first signing up for an online account. You will need to set up an online access with Wells Fargo first so that you can add the Wells Fargo Mobile app for Blackberry automatically on your phone. Do so by accessing the official Web site of Wells Fargo on your computer. You will need to type in into the address bar of your choice of Web browser and then hit Enter. Once on the homepage of Wells Fargo, go to the left hand portion of the page. Look for the Mobile Banking - link and click on it once. You should now be looking at the Set Up Wells Fargo Mobile page. Scroll down and click on the yellow Get Started button to be directed to the Set Up/Modify Mobile Banking. Scroll down once more and click on the Sign Up Now link. You will have to provide your Social Security Number, account number and Email Address to finally set up your online account with Wells Fargo.

Once your online access is set up with Wells Fargo, you can now readily access mobile services through your Blackberry. To do so, simply access the Wells Fargo homepage from your Blackberry's browser. Now, all you need to do is to key in your username and password to access all of the Wells Fargo Mobile services from your Blackberry.


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