How To Appropriately Use Your Cell Phone

Cell phone use is very prevalent today. Almost everyone across the globe owns one. It has become one of the most necessary tools for everyday life, for conducting business, for keeping in touch, for web access, for making and keeping memories previously confined to cameras.

Owning a cell phone comes with responsibility. It is an extension of you. How you use it is a reflection of your personality. Observing some cell phone etiquette will keep you from being a public nuisance.

  1. Ring Tones. A cell phone has built in ring tones. Still, users are tempted to download or share some hilarious, funny, unique and outrageous ring tones. It is fun to hear it at first but the novelty soon wears off. You cannot use all the ring tones already in your cell phone unless you assign one to each person listed in your phone book. Somehow, that seems confusing and irritating.
  2. Keep the volume down.  Adjust the volume of your ring tone. What sounds normal when you are out in the open will come out very loud if you are inside your office, inside a car or riding a bus. Keep it silent during meetings, when in a restaurant and any other place where you need to observe decorum. You do not want to startle people when your phone rings. If you need to be in constant contact with your office or someone, or waiting for a very important call, put it on vibrate or use an earpiece.
  3. While driving.  Using a cell phone while driving is very dangerous. Do not attempt to make or answer a call or send text messages while driving. If you really need to make a call or answer an important call, use an earpiece. The best practice is to pull over to the side of the road before using your cell phone.
  4. When to answer. Observe common courtesy especially when you have company. When you receive a call during a meeting, or talking to friends or business associates, check the caller ID. If you really have to take the call excuse yourself and leave the room or go to a place where you can talk quietly. Otherwise, ignore it and give them a call after your meeting.
  5. How to answer. You do not have to shout to be heard by everyone when answering a call. It is very rude to talk in a loud voice over the phone especially if you are in a public place. Do not cover your mouth with your hand in an attempt to be heard. It just muffles the sound. Investing in a good earpiece is a better choice.
  6. Text messaging.  It is a very convenient cell phone function. Nevertheless, do not send text messages while walking.  First, you are not really walking because you are concentrating on typing your message. Second, if you are standing in line and there are people behind you, you will surely hold them up. Move aside and let people pass while you finish sending your text message.
  7. Turn it off.  Obey regulations. There are places where cell phone use is prohibited like in hospitals because they interfere with certain medical equipment and people with pacemakers, inside the church, inside banks, when aboard a plane and even in movie houses.

A cell phone is a very convenient high-tech gadget. Use it appropriately. Respect the privacy of people around you. Observing good manners make for a happy co-existence with others around you.


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