How To Backup a SIM Card

Unlike memory cards, SIM cards have slimmer memory capacity. But they can amazingly hold tons of contact information and SMS messages. It's no wonder why SIM cards were enough for the first years of the mobile phone boom. Today, however, SIM cards are not enough for heavy mobile phone users. Still, SIM cards can keep data. Therefore, backing up this data is still necessary.

Contact information and old messages in a SIM card can be backed up in another SIM, a phone, memory card, or a computer. There are many ways to backup your SIM card. The easiest is buying a device specially made for this purpose. They have different capabilities and prices. They can be as cheap as $20 to as much as $70. This is quite a big investment for something you can do yourself.

Try these DIY ways on backing up a SIM card:

  • Phone and memory card. Most mobile phones today have slots for a memory card. If your phone has this, then your job will be easier. First, insert the SIM card you want to back up in your phone. Various phone models have different ways to identify which of the contact information are from the SIM card and memory card. But most phones allow copying of contacts from a SIM card to the memory card. Even messages can be copied to a different folder in your memory card.
  • Phone memory. If memory card slot is unavailable, then try copying the SIM data to your phone. Again, your phone has its own way of identifying which contacts are in the SIM card and in the phone memory. Phones also allow copying of a contact from a SIM to the phone memory. Some of these also allow moving of the contact information. The same goes with messages saved in the SIM card.
  • Phone and Infrared or Bluetooth. Do you want to copy data from one SIM card to another? You need two phones which can be connected through infrared or Bluetooth. Take note that some infrared-capable phones are limited to copying contact information only. Make sure that the two phones you will use can send and receive data through infrared or Bluetooth.
  • Phone and computer.Is your phone capable of being connected to the computer? Most mid-range phones have this capability. This allows you to copy and organize your phone data to your computer. Even memory cards and SIM cards inserted to the phone can be explored in the computer as long as your phone allows that. Try if your phone permits copying of SIM card files like the phonebook or message inbox to the computer. If that is allowable, you can find the files in an organized manner, usually in folders.

Try these tricks and see if any of these will work for backing up your SIM card. Have a more organized contact database by creating a spreadsheet or database file of your contacts. You can start with your contacts saved in the SIM card. Update it every month or when a new contact is added to your SIM or phone.

By backing up your SIM card files, at least, you won’t worry about your contacts or important messages when your phone or SIM card is lost. After all, replacing the phone is easy but taking back data from your SIM card is almost impossible.


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