How To Block a Phone Number on Verizon

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Verizon is a leading telecommunications service provider in the United States. It provides residential and mobile phone lines, television, wireless and DSL and broadband Internet services with a net income of over six billion in 2009. According to the 2009 figures, Verizon employs more than two hundred twenty two thousand employees and has about one hundred forty million landlines currently in service.

As a leading telephony provider and with the advancement in phone technology, it is now possible for a Verizon subscriber to block phone numbers on their Verizon phones. Some of the blocking features are part of a free service while you may have to pay an additional fee for a blocking service.

  • The free service for a Verizon phone is what is called a Per Call Blocking that will allow you to hide your phone number when you call another number. The receiver will receive a “restricted” notice on their phone.
  • Dial asterisk followed by 67 (*67). This is what Verizon recognizes as the code to block the Verizon phone number you are using to call the other party.
  • Key in the area code and the phone number of the party you are calling from your Verizon phone. Wait for the phone to ring and lifted. The called party will see a warning that says the number making the call is restricted. This per call blocking service is to be used each time you want you want your number to be hidden from the called party’s line. You can still use your Verizon phone regularly and let your number show on the called party’s phone by not adding the *67 prefix before dialing the number.
  • You can also subscribe to the Call Block service from Verizon. Make a list of the phone numbers that you want to block on your phone. You can use this by setting up and activating the Call Block service by lifting the receiver and pressing the asterisk key followed by 6 then 0. Dial 1-1-6-0 on your phone to turn the Call Block on. In some service areas you need to press 3 before the service can be turned on. Call Block will automatically reject calls from phone numbers that matches those that you have included in your call block list and the calling party will receive a recorded message that you are not accepting calls currently.
  • You will hear the recorded instructions on how to use the Call Block options and how to add the phone numbers that will be blocked. The numbers that you have entered will be repeated to you so listen to the voice prompts. The recorded instructions also include what is to be done when your block list is already full. You can add from six to twelve phone numbers in your call block list. Calls made through operator assistance, those originating from mobile phones and some business phones cannot be blocked.

Make sure that the numbers that you have added to your block list are for those persons that you do not want to hear from. You can also reverse this option if you wish. This Call Block service is no longer offered to new Verizon phone subscribers but will still continue to be available for those who have previously subscribed to it.


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