How to Block Incoming Calls and Messages in an iPhone.

To Help Users Block Incoming Calls and Messages on a Jailbroken iPhone.

Annoying ex-boyfriend/girlfriend? Annoying Bank or Insurance company? Annoying prank/blank caller? One stop solution! Block 'em. Whenever they call, all they will hear is half a ring and... dead, the call will be disconnected. And guess what?? You won't even have to know (well you can obviously find out if you want to).

To block those incoming calls and messages, you will need:

A jailbroken iPhone (any model)

1. Open Cydia (You should have Cydia installed if your phone is jailbroken)

2. On the homepage itself, you will find a link saying "Featured Packages". Tap it.

3. Under Sponsoring products, you wil see "iBlacklist". Tap it.

4. Tap on "Install" on the upper right corner and then "Confirm" also on the upper right corner.

5. Once installed, open "iBlacklist" and you wil have to turn on the "Enabled" switch.

6. Now, tap on Blacklist and then either create a new list or tap on General BL

7. Once inside, tap on the "+" button on the upper right hand corner.

8. You will be taken to a screen where you can choose to add the number that you want to block either from your Contacts, Recent Calls or Recent SMS. You can also choose whether to block only the call/sms or both and specify actions for the same like an auto reply sms saying "I'm busy" or something like that. You can also choose to send the call directly to voicemail, have the caller hear a busy signal, accept and hangup or no action.

And you're done. The stalker is blocked! He shall trouble you no more! :D

If someone you have blocked calls you or texts you, you will get a small notification near the battery. You can then open iBlacklist and tap View History to check.

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