How To Block Incoming Cell Phone Calls

Answering cell phone calls can sometimes be annoying. Imagine receiving a call from a very aggressive salesperson. How do you get away from that? Or, think about getting a prank call. How do you keep your cool then? Here are some effective ways on how you can block incoming cell phone calls:  

  • Get some service assistance from your cell phone company. Call your cell phone company's hotline number and inquire about how to counter unwanted calls. You can also visit their official website for specific information. For instance, AT&T offers different measures on how you can block those unwanted calls. One of the into-your-face kinds of services is aptly called "call blocking". As a subscriber, you can just specify the number that you want to block. Your cell phone unit is not going to ring when the number that you keyed in attempts to reach you. Your caller eventually receives a message informing him that his phone call has been forbidden. You can also get AT&T's "anonymous call blocking". This service conveniently screens and bars for you any incoming calls with unidentified number. Or, you can request the "privacy manager". Your unidentified caller is prompted to identify himself before your cell phone is reached. Then, you are given the option to decide if you wish to receive the incoming call.
  • Buy your own call-screening cell phone accessory. Get it from your nearby electronics shop. You can also order it online through Digitone and Privacy Corps. One accessory that you can try is the inbound phone call blocker. If you have it, only those who have your special code have the access to call your cell phone number. Obviously, you can control who gets to reach you.
  • Download a software for free. There are a number of software designed to block unidentified callers. Note, however, that the software can only work when you directly hook up your own cell phone unit to your laptop or personal computer. You may also need to buy a particular hardware so choose the downloadable software carefully. Read and follow the instructions.
  • Use a smart phone. A smart phone is packaged with a call blocker. The call blocker comes with a software. Depending on your cell phone company, you can either pay for it or get for free. It is also readily available in stores or on-line. You can also talk to a cell phone sales agent if you need guidance on the specific smart phone for your personal or professional use.

Bear in mind that not all currently available phone call blockers in the market are foolproof. Some of them can be thwarted or outsmarted by other devices. One notorious technology is referred to as phone spoofing. It basically alters or changes the cell phone number that is making the call to your unit. Because of that, you may still be prompted to receive or answer the unwanted call. Also, when a call is placed using a calling card, a pay phone, or a VoIP, it can easily evade call blockers. Alert the police once your phone calls have become threatening. Watch out for your own safety.


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