How To Block Unwanted Calls through Verizon Wireless

Receiving phone calls from people you don’t want to hear from can really be very annoying.  It is the same thing if text messages keep coming from these people.  A message or a call from them can ruin your day. You will certainly want to learn ways in order to block them and keep yourself unreachable, at least, to those whom you feel will not make you any happier.  The process of blocking unwanted calls as a Verizon Wireless customer is, actually, very easy. All you need is a PC with an Internet connection.  With that, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Go online and visit  Log in to your account.  If you do not have any yet, then you will need to create one first. The steps for registration and for opening an account are all there on the website.  The instructions are all very easy to follow.  These are mostly just filling up the web forms.
  2. Remember both your account name and your password.  If you forget them, you can still retrieve them through your email but that will take some time.  Once you are done with the registration, go to Verizon Wireless Account and log in.  Click on “My Verizon” button.
  3. With your account open, find “My Services.”  This is where you can request for additional services from your wireless communications service provider through online means.  There are several options there but since what you want is just to block several phone numbers from reaching you, just click on Verizon Safeguards.  Under this, there is an option for Spam Control.  Choose this by clicking it.
  4. With Spam Control chosen, prompt messages will appear as to what numbers you will block in phone.  It is presumed that you do not have too many names on the list of those you like to block.  That is the reason why Verizon Wireless allows you to block only five phone numbers.  The numbers that you put on the list may be able to send you text messages but there is no way it can reach your mobile phone.
  5. After listing a maximum of five numbers on the blocked list, you can then click on the Apply button.  However, you need to redo this process after three months.  The blocking is effective only up to that length of time.

If you wish to unblock any or all those numbers, you can follow the same instructions stated above.  However, when you get to that part when you are asked to list the numbers, delete those that are already there instead.  Then after this, click on the Apply button.  The number or numbers will automatically be unblocked.  Of course, you can do this as soon as you are ready to accept these people’s calls and text messages again.  If not, you may have to do the whole process again and those numbers will again be blocked.


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