How To Block Your Caller ID on the iPhone

An iPhone is considered a state of the art multimedia smart phone that is capable of being connected to the Internet. It has many built in functions and features that make the iPhone unique to its user. You can multitask while using your iPhone, drag and drop to organize folders like you would do on a desktop or laptop computer. You can also read e-books in full color using your iPhone. One feature that most iPhone users do not know is that it is possible to hide your name and phone number when you are making a phone call using an iPhone. It may take several steps but the fun is in the discovery that it can be done. Take a look at the steps below on how to block your caller ID on an iPhone.

  • Unlock your iPhone and locate the Settings icon. It should be in the home screen of your phone unless you have tweaked your phone and placed it somewhere else. Tap the Settings button to bring out the settings menu. The Settings icon is the black and gray icon with an image of gears in it.
  • Scroll down the Settings menu until you can locate the Phone settings and tap it. In the resulting options shown, tap the option to show your caller ID. There will be a button to toggle this setting in the on or off position so that your caller ID can be hidden. Likewise you can refer to the owner’s manual and see how the procedure works.
  • Use this feature only for a very specific and valid purpose. This will not work if you are hiding from the law. The phone service provider will still keep a log of all your cell phone activities and all your calls will still be shown in your monthly phone bills, even if you have blocked you caller ID. The provider can still provide the police with a record of your own phone activities when they receive a subpoena and you cannot deny the entries on those records.
  • You can also selectively block your caller ID for it to be hidden from certain people in your contact list. This works differently based on your service provider. Check with your service provider before using it. For the US, it is possible to hide your caller ID from a called number by adding the *67 before the cell phone number for you to hide your caller ID.

The block your caller ID feature is available on the iPhone 3GS. Make sure that you have good reasons why you want to block your caller ID on your iPhone. It is common courtesy to identify yourself when you are making a phone call and it may create tension when you make a call and your caller ID is hidden. If you are using this iPhone feature to play a prank on your friend or family member, make sure that this friend or family member are receptive to suck pranks so that they will not bear some ill feelings towards you.


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