How To Block Your Cell Number from Appearing on Caller ID

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Blocking your cell phone number so that you can make calls to people without them knowing who you are is ideal when your motives are for the following:

  • You want to preserve your privacy. In cases where you are in clear and present danger or would want to avoid being tracked down by a stalker or harasser.
  • You conduct legitimate business from home or when you are out of town. This is not to be misunderstood as a reason to call people anonymously to sell something but more like a professional business like if you are a doctor, counselor, or lawyer who must return urgent client calls.
  • You are a volunteer for a charity organization. For stay-at-home moms who do volunteer work aside from attending soccer practice and PTA meetings, this is certainly one of the accepted reasons for wanting to hide your cell phone number.
  • Your friends often leech on you by using your cell phone to call other people. Since you are charitable enough to allow your friends to use your phone, you might as well take extra steps to make sure friends of your friend don't call you back and ask for your friend. This is just really crossing the line of friendship.
  • You are on witness protection. Self explanatory.
  • You are Brad and Angelina. You have enough to deal with like the paps. Of course, of course.
Now that you know all of that, you must also know that 911, toll-free numbers such as 1-800 numbers, the police department, and other law enforcement agencies will not be included in your quest for anonymity. If you try to pull a fast one on them, they will know. Consider yourself forewarned.

Meantime, here's how you can prevent other people from knowing your cell phone number:

  • Call your cell phone company. Under Federal Communications Commission laws, you can request for your number to be hidden when making calls from your cell phone. There will be conditions though that you have to comply with before your request is granted.
  • Choose your mode of blocking. Here are your options:
  • Selective Blocking. This mode instructs you to press "*67" preceding a series of cell phone numbers before pressing call so that your cell phone number won't reflect on the cell phone of the person you are calling. You have to repeat this every time you make a call from your cell phone.
  • Complete Blocking. This mode is definitely not available in every state in America so you have to find this one out by calling your service provider. This works by pressing *82 then the cell phone number of the person you are calling. The advantage of this mode is that apart from completely blocking all your calls, you just have to key in a one-time blocking code and you're all set.
  • Permanent blocking. While the other two modes are available, they are not for the long term. If you want to achieve permanency in hiding your cell phone number from all your outgoing calls, you have to specifically state this in your cell phone mobile agreement. For this to happen, you will be given a set of instructions and a 611 number to work into your cell phone code.

As with anything that might become a bane more than a boon, you have to let your service provider know about this instead of just going online to do your research and making adjustments that are unauthorized.


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