How To Call Back an Unlisted Telephone Number

There may be times when you receive a call from someone with an unlisted number. An unlisted number means that the phone subscriber is not listed or cannot be found in the phone directory. This is done upon the request of the phone subscriber and is usually done for privacy reasons.

If you get a call from someone with an unlisted number, there is a way to call that person back. Here's how.

  • Use *69. If you received the call on your landline, you will be able to use this function. It is a service offered by the phone company. When you get a call from an unlisted number, simply dial *69 and press send. Your phone will automatically dial the number of the person who last called you. Keep in mind that *69 is not a free service, so there is a minimal fee that will be billed to you by the phone company.
  • Use your caller ID. If you have caller ID, all the names and numbers of the people who call your phone will appear while the phone is ringing. Unless the caller has caller ID blocking, you should be able to retrieve the unlisted number that called you. Caller ID block is a separate service from not having your phone number listed on the phone book so just because someone is unlisted doesn't necessarily mean they will have caller ID block. Scroll down your received calls and you should see your caller's identity.
  • Dial Private Number. If the person has caller ID block, it will show as Private Number. Press the send or Dial button of your phone and it will automatically dial the number even if it shows it is a private number. As your phone is dialing, the numbers will show up on your phone screen. Take note of it or save it so the next time the person calls, it will register on your phone along with the number.
  • Press SEND on the cellphone. If you received the phone call on your cellphone, you can call back the unlisted number by scrolling down on your received calls log and press the SEND key. When you do this, your cellphone will automatically call back the number.
  • Get operator assistance. Get the phone company to help you by dialing 0 for operator. If you have a person's name and address, you may be able to get a listing for it. You may also ask the operator if there are other call trace codes you can use aside from *69.
  • Check the Internet. Try to Google a person's name and see if you get any hits. If you don't get a phone number, you may be able to get an email address or a link to a social networking site. You can also try to do a phone number search on the online yellow pages at

It can be frustrating to receive call and not know how to call back the person. Try the methods mentioned above and see if it works. Keep in mind that if it is truly an important call, the person will likely call you back and leave a message.


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