How To Change the Programming on a Cell Phone

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Your cell phone has a program that makes it exclusive for use with a specific service carrier. It is programmed with codes that lock the phone so you can only use their services. There are several reasons why you would want to change the programming on a cell phone. One reason is to use another cell phone that wasn’t purchased from the service carrier with the contact number that was you were provided with. Another reason is to be able to use your cell phone in another country with a different service carrier.

To use a second cell phone

  1. Call your service carrier. Contact your service carrier and inform them you want to change the program on a cell phone. They will ask you for details about your existing contact number, the brand and model of your cell phone and the serial number. Providing these details will enable the service carrier to furnish you with the digit codes to call up a menu you can configure on the cell phone.
  2. Enter digit codes. When you get the codes from the service carrier you can enter them on the cell phone and a configuration menu will appear. At the menu you have to enter your contact number and other digits that are required like identification numbers. You can call the service carrier and ask them for the other codes that are needed to complete the process. When you are done entering the digit codes your cell phone will shut down and start back up again. You can use the cell phone after the phone has restarted and people can contact you on the same number.

Change programming to use with other SIMs

  1. Call your service carrier. Contact your service carrier and inform them that you need to use your cell phone outside of the country and would like to use the local SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card there. Your cell phone service carrier will provide you with codes that you need to enter on your cell phone to change the program. Once you have entered the codes your cell phone will be ready for use with a different SIM card at the country you will be traveling to.
  2. Code generators. There are several code generators on the internet that you can use for you cell phone brand and model. Code generators are little programs that can provide you with the code to unlock your cell phone so you can use it with a different service carrier or a different SIM card.

The cell phones purchased from a service carrier will be locked with a code so you can only use their services. The programming on your cell phone can be unlocked so you are free to use it with another service carrier.  


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