How To Change Your ESN Number

An ESN serves as the identifier of your mobile phone. This numeric identifier is what a CDMA network uses in identifying a particular phone among the others and in determining to which subscriber a particular phone belongs.

If you want to know how to change your ESN number, here are the steps to follow.

Determine your MSL (SPC) code. You can obtain MSL (SPC) code by calling your service provider. Remember that they need a valid reason before they can give your MSL code. You can try telling them that you need that information to activate your phone. They are more likely inclined to give it to you this way.

Download necessary software. For this procedure, you will need to download QPST, ESN Checksum Calculator and a XVI132 Hex Editor.

Obtain your Modem Drivers. Locate the modem drivers for your computer. Then connect your phone to your pc.

Go to device manager. The next thing you have to do is go to “device manager”. Go to “My Computer” right click it then go to properties. You will easily find the device manager there. After doing so, determine what Com Port your phone is using.

Configure using QPST software. Next thing you need to do is to open the QPST. Click the “Add New Port” and choose the Com Port you are using. Click OK. If you see a code under the “phone”, then you are doing it correctly.

When you are done with this step, go to your phone then go to “Start Clients”. You will see “EFS Explorer” menu, go there and you will be asked to enter a “SPC” code. The SPC code is actually the MSL code you obtained earlier. When the phones NVM is done loading, go to “NVM > $SYS.ESN” and copy this in your computer.

Open ESN Checksum Calculator software. Now, open the ESN Checksum Calculator. Put the (HEX) ESN code from the new ESN and calculate your checksum.

Open XVI32 software. After getting your checksum, open the XVI132 then open the $SYS.ESN you have saved beforehand. Look at the bottom row. You will find your ESN at the first 4 boxes and the Checksum in the next 4. You will see that the way you have to enter these codes are somewhat unusual. What you need to do is break down the ESN number into pairs. Afterwards, reverse the order of pairs. Put the last pair first, then the second to the last next, and so on. So if you have a code that is something like this, CA 3A 2B 5G, you have to put it in this order, 5G 2B 3A CA.

Save $SYS.ESN and copy back into EFS file explorer. When you are done, save the file and copy it again into the EFS File Explorer. Overwrite the old file and then you’re done. Unplug your phone from your computer and restart.

These are the steps on how to change your ESN number. Remember that changing your ESN is strictly prohibited in the United States. If you are caught doing this, disciplinary measures are guaranteed.


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