How To Charge a BlackBerry with a Computer

A BlackBerry mobile phone is famous as a PDA device because it offers diverse applications like e-mail, personal calendars, camera and video, MP3 and MP4 players, Java application, computer games, and Internet via GPRS, 3G, or Wi-Fi. You can also multitask using a BlackBerry like you can listen to your favorite song in your MP3 player while you take some pictures that catch your interest. But your mobile phone’s battery will wear down quickly as you use your mobile phone’s special features. The great thing about BlackBerry is you can charge it using your computer or laptop. Below are steps and guides on how to charge a BlackBerry using your computer or laptop.

  • Ensure that the battery of your computer notebook is charged. Your BlackBerry mobile will draw charge from your laptop even if your computer unit’s battery is not fully charged. You can also connect your computer to an electrical outlet so you can charge your Blackberry in your computer unit.
  • Install the USB drivers of your Blackberry by using Windows Update. To check if you’ve properly installed the USB drivers, right click the My Computer icon, click Properties, click Hardware Tab, click Device Manager, and then find Universal Serial Bus controllers and chick the plus sign to check if you have properly installed the drivers of your BlackBerry mobile.
  • Get your USB cord. Check if the USB cord fits your Blackberry mobile and your computer’s USB port. If you need a USB cord, you can buy it cheaply in any computer stores. Most mobile units today use a USB 2.0 cord to easily transfer data from one device to another so you can borrow a USB cord from friends and family members even if their mobile phone isn’t a BlackBerry unit.
  • Plug your BlackBerry mobile into your USB cable. Then, connect the other side of your USB cable to your desktop computer or laptop. The computer automatically detects new devices installed; you may need to restart your computer if your computer can’t detect your BlackBerry mobile. Reinstall the drivers if needed.
  • Download your BlackBerry drivers online if needed.  If you buy a pre-owned BlackBerry, and your mobile unit doesn’t have the drivers, then download them online. Just type drivers and the model of your BlackBerry mobile in the Internet search engines.  You can find different sources for possible downloads. You may have a hard time searching for drivers if your BlackBerry unit is an old one.  In that case, you can contact the company and make a request that you need drivers for you BlackBerry mobile phone. You can also visit registered BlackBerry mobile outlets and inquire.
  • Charge your BlackBerry mobile phone. Check the screen of your mobile phone and verify if your mobile’s already charging. Leave your mobile phone attached to your computer until it is fully charge.

You can still receive and make calls while your BlackBerry mobile phone is charging. Don’t drain your mobile’s battery because it is harder to recharge it. BlackBerry mobile phones tend to be costlier than other cellular phones. Visit online stores so you can have a bigger option for price range of different BlackBerry units. Most online stores have free delivery and their mobile units are a bit cheaper. You can also buy a pre-owned BlackBerry if you desire. Just buy your unit from a power seller to avoid deceit. Ensure that your preferred pre-owned BlackBerry phone has its original box and drivers.


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